Shared Mailboxes and Calendars

A Shared Mailbox or Calendar (request form) provides the ability for groups of people to collectively share in the processing of its content. At a minimum, it must be requested and owned by one person. Multiple people may be delegated as owner/administrator and others can solely be members who interact with it.

Electronic mail can be sent as the name of the Shared Mailbox. Such a resource can be useful for projects, departments, conferences, organizations, etc.

Shared Mailboxes and Calendars may only be requested by UWM Staff or officers of sanctioned UWM student organizations.

Administration of Shared Mailboxes and Calendars is explained in this knowledge base article:

To request a Shared Mailbox or Calendar, one must provide the following pieces of information:

  • The name of the shared entity. This should be all lowercase, starting with a- z, followed by arbitrary a-z or 0-9 to a max of 30 chars and must contain a “-“. It should not be your personal ePantherID or email address. Once requested, a member of the Identity and Access Management team, or the Helpdesk, will advise another if the name is already in use or otherwise not available.
  • A descriptive title. This would be like the full name of a person’s email address. It should be short yet identifiable, mixed case, a-z and 0-9.
  • Owners: These are the people who can use the mailbox but also manage other owners or members. (Specify UWM email addresses).
  • Members: These people can use the mailbox but have no control over its membership. (Specify UWM email addresses).

Requests can be made on the Shared Mailbox or Calendar form.