Photos may be used for UWM promotional purposes by the campus community. Usage for promotion of non-UWM organizations is prohibited unless they’re in partnership with UWM and requires approval from the director of multimedia in Integrated Marketing & Communications.

All photos in the gallery should not be digitally altered, changed, modified or manipulated in any way that changes the content, meaning, subject matter or look of the original photo. Basic cropping and retouching are permitted, provided the original intent of the image and subject matter is not changed.

The photo information is included in the photo metadata. Please credit the photographer if one is listed. If not, please credit UWM Photo Services when using the photo.


  • Photo courtesy of UWM Photo Services/Photographer’s Name
  • Photo courtesy of UWM Photo Services

Preserving File Names

It is important that when you download a photo from the UWM Photo Archive that you do not delete the original file name. It is very difficult for UWM photographers and designers to relocate the original photo file without the original file name.

For files that will be uploaded to websites: Renaming the image file using SEO-friendly keywords is important for SEO because search engines crawl file names. After uploading the image to a WordPress site, enter the original file name in the image’s “Description” field. Additional information can be found here.

For all other uses: You are welcome to add a description to the beginning of the file name to help you organize your photos. Here’s how:

Original file name: 20200904_IMC_EH_0013.jpg

File name with added description:

  • 2020BrochurePage2_20200904_IMC_EH_0013.jpg
  • StudentName_20200904_IMC_EH_0013.jpg
UWM honors college student
Photo courtesy of UWM Photo Services/Elora Hennessey