After UWM’s photographers shoot photos, they tag the photos with relevant keywords selected from UWM’s list of standard photo metadata keywords (documented on this page), as well as with specific language as specified by the requestor of the photo shoot.

You can locate photos in the UWM Photo Archive by searching using the keywords. You can search by a single keyword like “classroom” or a combination of keywords like “female studying library”. You can also use photo filenames, album names and collection names in your keyword searches.

The keywords you use must match the actual keywords the photos are tagged with. Search is not case sensitive. Spelling auto-correction, synonyms and fuzzy matching are not supported.

Tagging with the current photo metadata keywords started in January 2020. Photos shot prior to that date are not tagged with the standard photo metadata keywords, though they may be tagged with some keywords.

It is recommended that when you search by keyword you first consult the photo metadata keyword list to ensure you are choosing the right words. For example, if you want to find a photo of a biology professor, you will want to search for “Biological Sciences Faculty” not “biology professor.”

When you view a photo’s details screen, you will see all keywords the photo is tagged with. You can click on any of those keywords to do a search for all photos that are tagged with that keyword. You can also click on any of the keywords documented on this page to do a search.

The keywords are stored in the photo file as IPTC metadata, so if you download photos you will have access to the keywords from any software that supports IPTC metadata (such as Adobe Bridge).

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UWM’s Photo Metadata Keyword List

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Building/Space – On Campus

Academic Information



Programs (partial list)

About the Photo Subject




About the Activity



Special Events

About the Season & Weather


Time of Day


Athletic Teams

Retired Keywords