Marketing & Communications has been given authority by the chancellor to review marketing and advertising materials produced by schools, colleges and campus administrative units to ensure that they conform to brand standards and are in line with the university’s core values.

Campus marketers must submit the following items for review:

  • paid advertisements, including but not limited to print, outdoor, broadcast and digital
  • exterior banners on buildings
  • banners, posters and window clings hung in the UWM Student Union
  • digital signage in campus buildings

Campus marketers have the option of submitting other items for review, and the scope of review may be expanded as staffing resources become available.

Review Criteria

Advertisements and marketing materials will be reviewed for:

In addition, submitters must have the appropriate model and copyright releases and approval from the appropriate department and division heads. All materials must comply with state and federal law and UW System policies, including but not limited to guidance on political communications.

Review Process

Materials will receive an initial review from Integrated Marketing & Communications (IMC) team members with expertise in design, media relations and university branding. Team members will look at materials within three business days of submission. Campus marketers will be notified by email if materials meet university standards or if they have been referred to the senior director of Integrated Marketing & Communications for additional review.

Materials referred for additional review will be sent to the Marketing Review Committee, which is a subcommittee of the UWM Brand Committee and currently chaired by Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Johnson. Its members include IMC Creative Manager Kelly Grulkowski and Liz Drame, special assistant to the Vice Chancellor of the Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. The committee will consult with subject matter experts as needed.

The campus marketer who created the materials will be invited to meet with the Marketing Review Committee to discuss the content. The Marketing Review Committee meets as needed.