M³ is honored for education leadership

The Milwaukee Urban League and the University Economic Development Association have recognized M³ for its work to boost student achievement and close equity gaps in the city.

The M³ initiative was honored at the Milwaukee Urban League’s 60th Equal Opportunity Day Luncheon on Dec. 11, 2019. Leaders from all three M³ institutions—MATC President Vicki Martin, UWM Chancellor Mark Mone, and MPS Superintendent Keith Posley—were presented with awards at a ceremony held at the Pfister Hotel.

The recognition is symbolic of public support that has been growing for M³ and the initiative’s overarching goal of transforming Milwaukee through education.

M³ was also honored in October 2019 at the University Economic Development Association national conference in Reno, Nevada, winning in the “Talent + Place” category as an initiative benefiting the community and economy.

M³ programs are expanding

The Early College Program enrolled more than 60 students at the start of the 2019–20 school year, about double the size of the inaugural class from the previous academic year. Students in the current class have the opportunity to earn 19 college credits during the school year, giving them a head start on credits and a sampling of higher education.

The Parent Institute, another M3 program, which last year included parents of 9th- and 10th-grade students, now includes parents of middle school children in MPS. The program supports parents as advocates for their children’s academic success and increases awareness of programs and services available through each M3 partner. The Parent Institute also provides information about postsecondary options and entrance requirements.