Free Faculty Website Migration

You’ve probably heard that PantherFILE is going away at the end of 2016. The L&S Web Team is here to help move faculty websites from PantherFILE (or elsewhere) to CampusPress.

Yes, Free

L&S faculty are the core of the College, and it’s our job to help promote your research and scholarship. Dean Swain has committed to providing this service for free to all L&S faculty as a way to help you through the upcoming closure of PantherFILE.

CampusPress is a self-service WordPress platform designed to make it easy to build and manage professional webpages. However, learning any new software or platform takes time, as does re-building a polished, professional website.

L&S Web will work with you to move your site into the new system, and then you can take your time adjusting to CampusPress without worrying about the deadline.

Migrating Your Site

We can create the new CampusPress site for you, or you can add us to the site you’ve already created. Instructions will be provided for either method. New sites will be styled with the default Simple UWM Branding theme.

The content on your current site will be migrated “as is,” unless you want to delete information that is outdated. In cases where there is a substantial number of old course materials, we will migrate the past three years of courses and show you how to move the remainder.

Once the basic migration has occurred, we will contact you to arrange a short 30-60 minute training session on accessing and updating your new site.

Getting Started

Time is running out before PantherFILE goes away! If you need assistance moving your website, send in a website support request as soon as you can.

You can find more information on UWM’s CampusPress website and in the User Guide for CampusPress (a product of EduBlogs).

Not Just PantherFILE Sites

You can also ask for help moving a website from any off-campus service like GoDaddy, BlueHost, Google, BlogSpot, or others. PantherFILE-hosted sites will have scheduling priority through the end of the year. L&S Web will help to move any faculty or research group site onto UWM’s own web hosts.