International Open Access Week is October 19-25, 2020. Reflecting on this year’s theme, Open with Purpose: Taking Action to Build Structural Equity and Inclusion, UWM Librarians and Scholarly Communication Team members Kristin Woodward and Ann Hanlon answered some questions about OA at UWM.

Open Educational Resources at UWM: Kristin Woodward

What is at stake with the traditional textbook publishing business model? (00:01:09)
How is the open textbook movement changing the landscape? (00:02:00)
What steps is UWM taking to move to open textbooks as a standard practice (00:01:36)
What can UWM do to increase awareness of OER as an approach to equity, inclusion, access in the learning environment? (00:02:15)

Scholarly Publishing at UWM: Ann Hanlon

What is at stake with the traditional scholarly publishing business model? (00:01:52)
How is OA changing the scholarly publishing landscape? (00:02:09)
What steps could UWM take to move to OA as a standard practice? What are the big opportunities? (00:02:13)
What can UWM do to increase awareness of OA as an approach to equity, inclusion, access in the scholarly/learning environment? (00:02:16)