Policy and Guidelines

1. Conference Center Description of Use – The Conference Center is a place for University departments, faculty, and staff organizations to hold meetings, conferences, and events that are scholarly or philanthropic in nature.  To avoid conflict with the UWM Student Union, requests from student organizations will be considered only if the event is academic in nature, sponsored by a faculty member, and approved by the Dean of Students.

The Conference Center is not available for regularly scheduled meetings, classes, or seminars; recitals or other performing arts; very large exhibits or displays; and events that are primarily social in nature.

Please note that because it is located within an academic library building, the Conference Center must operate under special guidelines, and is not a typical banquet facility.  The UWM Libraries management reserves the right to refuse future Conference Center reservations if it judges that a user group has not observed proper decorum at all times, both in the Conference Center itself, and in the library building as a whole.

2. Conference Center Location and Size – The Conference Center is located on the fourth floor of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Golda Meir Library building.  The Conference Center is accessible by stairs or elevator from the west wing of the building.

The Conference Center is approximately 4000 square feet and will accommodate 300 for a seated lecture, 156 for a banquet, or 250 for a reception.  The Conference Center is not recommended for groups of fewer than 30 people.

3. Scheduling – Requests to use the Conference Center must be made at least two weeks in advance of the anticipated event.  Direct all questions concerning scheduling to Chris Baxter.

Events are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, and requests for reservations will remain tentative until the user group representative receives a letter of confirmation from the UWM Libraries Facilities Manager.

4. Reservation Request Form – A Conference Center Reservation Request form (obtained from the Facilities Manager) must be completed and returned at least 5 days before an event.  The form must be signed by the user group’s representative and the user group’s Dean, Director, Division Head, or Business Representative. The Dean of Students must sign the Reservation Request form for student organizations.

If food will be served at an event, this must be indicated on the Reservation Request form, along with the name of the caterer.  (Please see item 9 for more information regarding the serving of food and refreshments in the Conference Center.)

5.   Conference Center Set-Up Plan – The Conference Center may be set up in a number of ways to accommodate a user group’s particular needs.  The user group representative must submit a set-up plan to the UWM Libraries Facilities Manager at least 5 days before the event.  After that time, there will be a charge for changes to the set-up plan.

Because of the time required to set up and take down events, a minimum of four hours is needed between events that require different set-up plans.

6.   Set-Up Fees – The Conference Center usage fee is calculated according to the type of set-up requested.  The basic usage fee covers a lectern, public address system, screen, and blackboard.  Additional fees are charged based on the number and type of special needs and requests.    Charges will be billed to the user group and must be paid upon receipt of the invoice.

7.   Audiovisual Equipment Rental – Audiovisual equipment (other than the lectern, public address system, screen, and blackboard included in the basic usage fee) is available for a fee, and must be arranged through the UWM Libraries Facilities Manager at least 3 days before the scheduled event.

8. Cancellations – To cancel an event, please notify the UWM Libraries Building Assistant (227-3193) at least three business days before the scheduled event; after that time, a cancellation fee of $100.00 will be billed to the user group.

9. Food and Refreshments – A representative of the user group must notify the UWM Libraries Facilities Manager, in advance, of any food and refreshments served in the Conference Center.  Because of liability issues, there is an established University policy on catering for campus events (UWS 18.06 (16)).  All catering must be approved by the UWM Purchasing Department.  Call Purchasing at 229-6061, to find out whether the caterer you wish to use is approved.  The libraries do not employ staff to assist with any aspects of catering.

Self-catering an event is not allowed – Specifically, this means that if food is served, it must be prepared by a UWM approved caterer.   Food prepared at home, purchased at the grocery store and/or potlucks are not allowed.

All food to be served must be transported, maintained and served from the caterer’s equipment.  All items brought into the Library building by either the caterers or the user group must be removed at the end of the event.  Any food that is left behind in the refrigerator will be discarded by the beginning of the next day.

The caterer must provide all food service utensils, coffee pots, tableware, and linens.

Other rooms on the fourth floor – Although cooking facilities are not available, user groups may use the kitchen, staff lounge, and fourth floor hallways to support their event.  However, availability of these areas is subject to the approval of the UWM Libraries Facilities Manager.  The staff lounge and kitchen are not available during weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., because it is reserved for staff breaks and lunch hours.  If a user group wishes to use the staff lounge at any other time, they must not only get approval, they must also assure that the lounge is left in good condition.  Spills, crumbs, and other debris on the floors, tables and counters must be cleaned up.  It is recommended that a sheet of plastic be set on the floor before any preparations begin.  (Please see item 11 for more information on clean up of the facility.)

The caterer must obtain permits for campus parking, by calling the UWM Parking and Transit Office at (414)229-5644.

UWM’s administrative policy, ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, GUIDELINES FOR SERVING, No. S-5 (February 1998) governs the serving of alcoholic beverages by UWM Union Dining Services in the Conference Center.  Alcoholic beverages may include wine, mixed drinks, and beer; tap beer service is prohibited.  It is the responsibility of the user group to obey all State of Wisconsin and University liquor laws and regulations, especially those pertaining to age.

10. Young Adults and Children – Young adults and children must be under the immediate supervision of an adult for safety reasons.  There must be an appropriate number of chaperons for the number of young adults and/or children who are using the Conference Center.

11.  Clean-Up and Clean-Up Fees – When food and drink are being served, clean up of the Conference Center and kitchen is the responsibility of the caterer and/or the user group.  If the Conference Center and kitchen area are not left in the condition in which they were found, or if there is spillage or other damage, a charge will be assessed for the clean up or repair and the user group will be billed.

All plates, cups, and other debris must be removed from tables, chairs, and other surfaces.

12. Smoking – The entire Library building is a nonsmoking area, including the Conference Center.

13.  Non-Library property – Any property that the user group brings into the Conference Center, must be removed immediately after the event.

14.  Liability – The University will recover from the Conference Center user group all costs to the University for any damage or loss to the premises, building, or building’s contents caused by or arising out of the user’s activities while using the Conference Center.  Additionally, any loss or damage to others’ property and/or injury or death to any person(s) caused by or arising out of the user’s activities while using the Conference Center will be the responsibility of the group using the Conference Center.