New Databases on Water Rights and Labor Issues Now Available

photo of Glen Canyon Dam
Glen Canyon Dam, Harrison Forman. American Geographical Society Library.

The UWM Libraries have purchased perpetual access to two new HeinOnline Collections: Water Rights and Resources and Labor and Employment: The American Worker.

HeinOnline’s Water Rights and Resources is dedicated to understanding the complex interplay of state and federal laws that govern all aspects of water in society, from municipal use to restoring it to pristine condition. Collecting congressional documents, books, legislative histories on major legislation, and Supreme Court briefs on related cases, this collection touches on a wide range of water issues, including irrigation, hydropower, water conservation, drinking water quality, and tribal water rights, encompassing the unique water rights issues that span from the Eastern seaboard to the Great Lakes and across the arid West.

HeinOnline’s Labor and Employment: The American Worker is a sprawling database that brings together legislative histories on major legislation, briefs from Supreme Court cases, accounts of labor riots from the not-so-distant past, reports on working conditions today, and more. It contains a chart of 24 landmark court cases related to labor and employment law, with a brief synopsis of each case, centering its importance in both labor jurisprudence and history. Each case is linked directly to the original full-text decision. Also included are a select group of 300 scholarly articles on employment protections, labor contracts, labor-management relations, collective bargaining, and related topics, published between 1904 and 2022.