Open Access Publishing Partnership Supports UWM Faculty

Gold for GoldA collaboration between the UWM Libraries, science and engineering faculty, and Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Publishing from 2013 to 2016 resulted in the open access publication of 62 scholarly articles by UWM authors.

Recognizing that researchers are often asked to publish open access, but do not necessarily have funds to do so, RSC created the “Gold for Gold” program: Libraries that purchased the publisher’s complete (“Gold”) package of scholarly journals would in return receive voucher codes (“Gold”) that they could distribute to their institution’s researchers, allowing their articles to appear in RSC journals as open access.

During the program, science librarian Svetlana Korolev monitored the appearance of articles authored by the UWM researchers at the RSC Publishing website and distributed voucher codes to the authors. Each voucher was worth about $2000.

Those authors who participated in this open access initiative at UWM included

  • Junhong Chen (Mechanical Engineering)
  • James Cook (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • Carol Hirschmugl (Physics)
  • Rebecca Klaper (School of Freshwater Science)
  • Lianjun Liu (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Hongbo Ma (School of Public Health)
  • Todd Miller (School of Public Health)
  • Michael Nosonovsky (Mechanical Engineering)
  • David Petering (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • Valerica Raicu (Physics)
  • Wilfred Tysoe (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • Chris Yuan (Mechanical Engineering).

By publishing via the “Gold” open access, these authors raised further the visibility and impact of research findings of UWM. Unfortunately, RSC has decided to end the “Gold for Gold” initiative.