UWM Libraries Partner with Umbra Search, Newly Launched Search Tool for African American History

Image from Milwaukee Repertory Theatre's production of Fences

Lawrence James, Adolphus Ward and Delores Mitchell in August Wilson’s “Fences,” 1989, Milwaukee Repertory Theater Photographic History, Mark Avery Collection, UWM Libraries.

The UWM Libraries have partnered with Umbra Search African American History at the University of Minnesota — a program that makes African American culture and history more broadly available through a freely available search tool (umbrasearch.org), strategic digitization, and public events and workshops.

Digitized materials from the UWM Libraries that document African American cultural history have been made available for aggregation, and are now discoverable in Umbra Search, alongside over 400,000 materials from libraries and archives across the country.

The UWM Libraries currently have 793 items available via Umbra Search. Relevant materials added to our collection in the future will be harvested by Umbra as well. You may access the UWM Libraries’ contributions here.

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