Cartoon image of UWM mascot Pounce wearing a sweatshirt

To commemorate UWM’s 50th anniversary, in 2006, the UWM Libraries prepared a digital collection of the student yearbook, The Ivy. The yearbook was named for the ivy-clad campus buildings, which symbolized a tradition of knowledge and learning. It was published from 1942 to 1968. No volumes appeared in 1960 and 1961. The 25 volumes in the digital collection contain 5,266 pages. The annual documents the history of both the Milwaukee State Teachers College–later renamed the Wisconsin State College, Milwaukee–and the formative years of UWM. The yearbooks constitute a pictorial history of the UWM campus, its administrators, and faculty. It is a rich source for understanding student life and activities, including academics, honor societies, professional groups, sororities and fraternities, and athletics. We hope this digital collection will support research in the history of UWM, student life generally, and family history.