Detail from the Black Student Union Newspaper

The Black Critic, along with the Black Student Union Newsletter, was published in the early 1970s by members of the UWM Black Student Union (BSU). The organization wanted to establish a student newspaper that would be a voice for the growing Black student population at UW-Milwaukee. The Black Critic was short-lived due to lack of support and resources, but it stood as a foundation for Invictus, the longest-running of the Black Student Union publications. Invictus, launched in 1977, included news features, profiles, and poetry. The publication had two significant idle periods – one in the early 1980s and another between 1988 and 1993. The Black Student Voice, published in 1993, led to the final relaunch of Invictus in 1994. The relaunch was an effort to establish Invictus as a “third leg” between the left-leaning UWM Post and the right-leaning UWM Times. Invictus published its last issues in 1995.