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Relationships and Partnerships for Peace

UWM Institute for Systems Change and Peacebuilding

What is Systems Change & Peacebuilding?

The most difficult challenges we face today don’t exist in isolation. Rather they are the result of interacting factors, such as poverty, pandemics, injustice, violence, ecological damage, climate change and political polarization.

Shifting these systems toward health, well-being and sustainable peace requires institutions and practitioners that can engage with these complex social-ecological challenges and interacting systems at multiple levels, including at the individual, interpersonal, community and global scales.

Connecting community partnerships in research, education and practice.
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The Systems Change Learning Cycle

The UW-Milwaukee Institute for Systems Change and Peacebuilding strives to align university and community interests in equitable partnership to engage with these complex and ever-changing systemic drivers.

Using the Systems Change Learning Cycle, we work alongside partners to co-create community-based initiatives that engage these challenges. The Institute works to bridge theory and research with applied research and practice. This means valuing local, lived and traditional knowledge as essential in research, evaluation and learning.

Community Visioning

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Systems Inquiry

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Seek Leverage

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Align Interests

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Monitor & Evaluate

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Learn & Adapt

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