For years, WisDOT has experienced high attrition and vacancy rates due to downsizing, employee turnover, hiring freezes, and retirement. In light of the potential loss of core technical strengths and institutional knowledge, WisDOT needs to be proactive in developing their workforce capabilities to effectively counter the existing risks and better position itself to prepare for the rapid changes in transportation industry and profession. This initiative is expected to be a multi-phased effort that will include both a division focus, and department-level effort.

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Start Date
January 15, 2021

End Date
December 31, 2021

Focus Areas
Education and Outreach

Wi Dept Of Transportation

Research Centers

Principal Investigator

Singh, Romila
Associate Professor, Lubar School of Business

Co-Principal Investigator

Qin, Xiao; Gottlieb, Mark; Fouad, Nadya
Professor of Civil Engineering and Director, UW-Milwaukee IPIT
Associate Director, UW-Milwaukee IPIT
University Distinguished Professor Kellner Chair of Educational Psychology, School of Education