UWM Student SHRM Panel in February

Late February saw seven MHRLR alums return to campus for a dinner and to serve as panel members in an evening sponsored by the UWM Student Chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).  What a fantastic event!  The panel members spoke about their current jobs and challenges.  Each provided advice for current students looking forward to a career in human resource management and each responded to thoughtful questions from existing student members of SHRM.

MHRLR students frequently join and take advantage of the UWM Chapter of SHRM.  The returning alums were all former members and we thank them for their participation.  They were Joanne Sipin (2006), Margaret Schwab (Drake) (2010), Jesse Dercks (2013), Ashley Gaglione (2013), Chelsea Hall (2015) and Yvette Alicea-Reed (2015).

The evening was sponsored in part by the MHRLR Outreach Fund.  A very special thanks to all who support the Fund!