2022 Melvin and Lois Lurie Student Prize Winners

This year we had two student winners – a tie we couldn’t break.!

Andrew Stark described his employment trajectory at Molson Coors and his increasing involvement with the union.  The local president for the last nine years, he felt the need for greater education and came to MHRLR.  He expressed concern that his background from organized labor would not fit in. Instead, he found his views and leadership were greatly appreciated in our classrooms and his performance was superb.

Katerina Ekonomou relocated from a small Greek community and described how the MHRLR degree was essential to beginning a human resources career.  Not only did she credit the program with providing a well-rounded perspective on human resources functions, but it helped her gain confidence and convinced her that hard work can make dreams come true.  She loved the opportunity to learn from others and to exhibit her own leadership.  She now works in HR at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino.

Watch their acceptance speeches: