2019 Melvin Lurie Student Award

On Monday in late September we again gathered at the Hefter Center for the 32nd annual Lurie Awards Ceremony. We welcomed the Lurie family, the Dean of Letters &Science, Scott Gronert, the new Dean of Lubar School of Business Kaushal Chari and the Provost Johannes Britz.

We gave two Melvin Lurie Student Awards.   Melissa Ellis began as a secondary school teacher in Janesville but wanted to make a career move and enrolled in the MHRLR program.  She now works in HR at the Grafton Public Schools. Dragana Zivanovic came from Australia where she worked for the Flight Attendants’ Association.   Upon returning to the US, she wanted additional education and enrolled in MHRLR. She now works at Northwestern Mutual as Associate Director of Employee Relations.  We are delighted to be able the recognize these two outstanding students and thank all the contributors to the Lurie Fund that allow us to do so.

We hope to see you again next year!