TTC Appeal Panel Meeting Required Actions

Thank you to everyone for your participation in the TTC Title Appeal Panel Meetings. Your service is important to the success of the TTC Project, and we appreciate the time you are taking to assist in this process. To ensure a smooth process, the following actions will be performed by each stakeholder:

Human Resources Will

  1. Schedule, at least 5 days in advance, for the panel members, a panel meeting based on the panel members’ Office 365 calendar availability.
  2. Post each meeting to comply with the open meeting laws.
  3. Assign panel members to appeals, with a goal of providing consistency in types and numbers of appeals heard.
  4. When possible, have an HR Advisor for the meeting panel to who they can ask questions if needed.
The Panel Members Will

  1. Keep their Office 365 calendar up to date for panel meeting scheduling.
  2. Attend one of the UW System-hosted TTC Appeals Training sessions. Where not able to attend in person, can view the recorded session.
  3. Recuse themselves from appeals where they are unable to remain objective for any reason, such as a past or present work relationship with that individual (notification can occur at
The Panel Chair Will

  1. Notify Human Resources ( if they are unable to serve as the chair for a panel.
  2. Download the appeal documentation and email the materials to the appeal panel members at least 5 days prior to the appeal panel meeting.
  3. Contact the appellant at least 3 days before the meeting to determine if they want the panel meeting to be held in open or closed session.
  4. Conduct panel meeting based on the templates provided. The chair will open or close the meeting and keep to timelines.
  5. Assign someone to take notes (if not themselves).
  6. Summarize the panel recommendation and upload into Streamline.

The following resources are available, with primary use by the Panel Chair, to assist with carrying out the appeal panel meetings:

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