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The Honor Code provides a framework for moral, ethical, and professional behavior for all members of the College of Health Sciences, including students, faculty, and staff. With all members of the College committed to upholding and promoting the tenets of the Honor Code, we will continue to work and learn in a supportive and stimulating environment. Commitment to this Honor Code supports the mission of the College of Health Sciences to prepare future health professionals, and conduct nationally recognized research in the health sciences.

As a member of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, College of Health Sciences community of scholars and professionals, I will abide by the following tenets of this honor code:

I will demonstrate respect for the dignity of others by:

  • Understanding and respecting that social and cultural differences exist among students, classmates, and colleagues.
  • Respecting others expectations of confidentiality and privacy.
  • Not engaging in intimidating, harassing, violent, or discriminating behavior or language.

I will demonstrate respect for the rights and property of others by:

  • Actively working to promote a positive learning, work, and research environment.
  • Allowing other individuals to express their opinions, even if they are different from my own.
  • Not committing theft, vandalism, destruction, or desecration of another’s physical or intellectual property.

I will take responsibility for my learning, teaching, research, and service by:

  • Demonstrating enthusiasm and being prepared for classes, labs, meetings, and other activities.
  • Being prompt in completing duties and assignments, and punctual in attending classes, labs, meetings, and other activities.
  • Communicating promptly and making suitable arrangements if a scheduled conflict arises.
  • Contributing equitably in discussion and group work.
  • Providing fair and constructive feedback when asked to evaluate others.

I will practice personal, professional and academic integrity by:

  • Being reliable, honest and ethical.
  • Following through on commitments.
  • Avoiding bias and conflicts of interest.
  • Adhering to the policies and procedures of organizations with which I am involved.
  • Not misrepresenting or falsifying information and/or actions, including acts of plagiarism.
  • Not engaging in self-destructive behavior, such as misuse of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco, that would compromise my learning, teaching, research, and service.

I will follow the Professional Codes of Ethics relevant to my profession by:

  • Knowing and upholding the Professional Codes of Ethics that is set forth by my professional governing body.
  • Upholding the ethical standards set forth by the professional and governing bodies associated with the performance and dissemination of research.
  • Knowing and upholding relevant local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Adopted by the College of Health Sciences on 05/04/07.