2017 UWM Health Research Symposium a big success

Posted on May 17, 2017
Collage of photos from the health research symposium

The 2017 UWM Health Research Symposium was held on May 5th in the UWM Union Ballroom. The program included a keynote address, poster displays of student research projects and selected podium research presentations.

The Symposium showcased the current research endeavors of students, faculty and staff at the College of Health Sciences, the College of Nursing and the Zilber School of Public Health, with posters and podium presentations.

There were 38 posters representing the work of over 100 students and their faculty/staff mentors. Eight students were chosen to present their research projects to the nearly 200 faculty, staff, students and guests in attendance.

Judges ranked the posters and podium research presentations based on the potential contribution to the scientific literature, clarity of purpose, the appropriateness of research methodology and analyses, results and quality of thought and writing.

The keynote speaker

Emily Rogalski, PhD, associate professor and director of Neuroimaging for the Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, delivered the keynote address.

Her presentation, “Neuroscientific Research Opportunities in Dementia, Aging and SuperAging,” discussed her research in aging and dementia. She uses a multi-modal approach to investigate two aging perspectives: primary progressive aphasia (PPA), in which neurodegenerative disease invades the language network, and SuperAging in which individuals are seemingly resistant to the deleterious changes in memory associated with “normal” or more typical cognitive aging. Her investigations assist in defining the clinical and anatomical features of different dementia syndromes, as well as identifying genetic and other risk factors.

The top three student researchers

The students whose oral presentations and research were among the top three in the judges’ rankings received recognition and monetary awards.

Congratulations to the winners!

1st place

Linda Wesp, UWM College of Nursing
“Don’t Dehumanize Me”: Recommendations from Transgender or Gender Non-Conforming Youth for Health Care Providers
Faculty Sponsor: Peninnah Kako

2nd place

Gabriel Serafin, Kinesiology
“Fat People Exercise Too!” The Perceptions and Experiences of Women Shopping for Plus-Size Exercise Apparel
Faculty Sponsor: Christy Greenleaf

3rd place

Omid Jahanian, Occupational Science and Technology
Evaluation of Passive and Active Orthoses for Lofstrand Crutch-Assisted Gait
Faculty Sponsor: Brooke Slavens

From left: Gabriel Serafin, Linda Wesp, and
Omid Jahanian.

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