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Portrait of Ann Swartz

Ann M. Swartz, PhD, ACSM Fellow

  • Professor, Kinesiology


Graduate School Research Fellow University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2010
Post-Doctoral Fellow Physical Medicine and Rehabilitaiton University of Michigan Medical School, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2003
Ph D Exercise Physiology University of Tennessee 2001
Post-Doctoral Scholar Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center University of Kentucky College of Medicine 2001
MS Exercise Science Ball State University 1998
BS Kinesiology University of Wisconsin-Madison 1995

Speaker Topics

  • Physical Activity Interventions
  • Sedentary Behavior and Metabolic Health
  • Physical Activity and Obesity
  • Body Composition Assessment

Interests & Expertise

Ann Swartz’s research interests center on obesity, in particular, the health benefits of physical activity for overweight and obese individuals. She is interested in the relationships between physical activity, health and obesity level, novel translational physical activity interventions to improve health for overweight and obese individuals, and the impact of sedentary behavior on metabolic health.

Selected Publications

WELCH, W. A., ALEXANDER, N. B., Swartz, A. M., MILLER, N. E., TWARDZIK, E., & STRATH, S. J. (2017, November). Individualized Estimation of Physical Activity in Older Adults with Type 2 Diabetes. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 49(11), 2185-2190.
Swartz, A. M., Miller, N. E., Cho, Y. I., Welch, W. A., & Strath, S. J. (2017, February). A prospective examination of the impact of high levels of exercise training on sedentary behaviour. European Journal of Sport Science, 17(2), 222-230.
Lerma, N. L., Swartz, A. M., Rowley, T. W., Maeda, H., & Strath, S. J. (2017, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). Increasing the Energy Expenditure of Seated Activities in Older Adults with a Portable Elliptical Device. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 25(1), 99-104.
Imboden, M. T., Welch, W. A., Swartz, A. M., Montoye, A. H., Finch, H. W., Harber, M. P., & Kaminsky, L. A. (2017, April (2nd Quarter/Spring)). Reference standards for body fat measures using GE dual energy x-ray absorptiometry in Caucasian adults. van Wouwe, J. P. (Ed.). PLOS ONE, 12(4), e0175110.
Rowley, T. W., Lenz, E. K., Swartz, A. M., Miller, N. E., Maeda, H., & Strath, S. J. (2017, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). Efficacy of an Individually Tailored, Internet-Mediated Physical Activity Intervention in Older Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 073346481773539.
Dondzila, C. J., Swartz, A. M., Keenan, K. G., Harley, A., Azen, R., & Strath, S. J. (2016, December). Translating exercise interventions to an in-home setting for seniors: preliminary impact on physical activity and function. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research, 28(6), 1227-1235.
Wang, J., D’Amato, A., Bambrough, J., Swartz, A. M., & Miller, N. E. (2016, November). A positive association between active lifestyle and hemispheric lateralization for motor control and learning in older adults. Behavioural Brain Research, 314, 38-44.
Kate, R. J., Swartz, A. M., Welch, W. A., & Strath, S. J. (2016, March). Comparative evaluation of features and techniques for identifying activity type and estimating energy cost from accelerometer data. Physiological Measurement, 37(3), 360-379.
Swartz, A. M., Cho, Y., Welch, W. A., & Strath, S. J. (2016, February). Movement Discordance between Healthy and Non-Healthy US Adults. Lucia, A. (Ed.). PLOS ONE, 11(2), e0150325.
Welch, W. A., Swartz, A. M., Cho, C. C., & Strath, S. J. (2016, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). Accuracy of Direct Observation to Assess Physical Activity in Older Adults. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 24(4), 583-590.
Lerma, N. L., Keenan, K. G., Strath, S. J., Forseth, B. M., Cho, C. C., & Swartz, A. M. (2016, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). Muscle activation and energy expenditure of sedentary behavior alternatives in young and old adults. Physiological Measurement, 37(10), 1686-1700.
Welch, W. A., Strath, S. J., & Swartz, A. M. (2015). Congruent validity and reliability of two metabolic systems to measure resting metabolic rate. Int J Sports Med, 36(5), 414-418.
Dondzila, C. J., Gennuso, K. P., Swartz, A. M., Tarima, S., Lenz, E. K., Stein, S. S., Kohl, R. J., & Strath, S. J. (2015). Dose-response walking activity and physical function in older adults. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 23(2), 194-199.
Strath, S. J., Kate, R. J., Keenan, K., Welch, W. A., & Swartz, A. M. (2015). Ngram Time Series Model to Predict Activity Type and Energy Cost from Wrist, Hip and Ankle Accelerometers: Implications of Age. Physiological Measurement, 36(11), 2335-2351.
Rote, A. E., Klos, L. A., Brondino, M. J., Harley, A. E., & Swartz, A. M. (2015). The efficacy of a walking intervention using social media to increase physical activity: A randomized trial. Journal of Physical Activity & Health, 12(Suppl 1), S18-S25.

Honors & Awards

European Journal of Sport Sciences Best Paper Award (2018, April 13) European Journal of Sport Sciences.
Shortlist for Best Student Presented Poster (2011, May 26) International Conference on Ambulatory Monitoring of Physical Activity and Movement.
Shortlist for Best Student Presented Poster (2011, May 26) International Conference on Ambulatory Monitoring of Physical Activity and Movement.
Research Fellow (2010) University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
2010 Research Writing Award (2010, March 18) AAHPERD Research Consortium’s.
Doctoral Faculty Status (2008, August) College of Health Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.