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Portrait of Fang Yao Stephen Hou

Fang Yao Stephen Hou, PhD, MB(ASCP)QCYM, MLS(AS

  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences Lab Programs


Ph D PsychoNeuroImmunology University of Wisconsin-Madison 1996
MS Microbiology and Immunology National Yang-Ming University 1987
BS Medical Technology Yang-Ming University 1985

Interests & Expertise

Stephen Hou enjoys sharing knowledge and experiences with students. He has many years of experience in higher education. He has taught several courses in medical laboratory science including hematology, clinical chemistry, body fluids, urine analysis, molecular diagnosis and forensic science. With his extensive training in flow cytometry and microscopy, he has been involved in research areas like cancer biology and psychoneuroimmunology. One of his latest projects is salivary cytomics - to characterize various cellular elements in saliva, as a model to study mucosal immunity. With his diverse work experience in the past ranging from academic to industrial environments, he loves to help students acquire practical job skills and reach their future educational goals.

Selected Publications

Wang, I., Kapellush, J., Hou, F., & Mohammad, R. (2021). Trends in TC/HDL and LDL/HDL Ratios across the Age Span: Data from the 2007-2018 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). Asian Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 9(1), 6-15.
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Rosewald, M., Hou, F., Mututuvari, T., Harkins, A. L., & Tran, C. T. (2014). Cellulose-Chitosan-Keratin Composite Materials: Synthesis, Immunological and Antibacterial Properties. ECS transactions, 64(4), 499-505.
Wang, S. R., Hou, F., Wang, A., Chang, Y. I., Liu, C. T., Tsay, G. I., & Wei, C. C. (2009). The Significance of Arginase I Administration on the Survial of Mice Bearing NS-1 Myeloma Cells. Journal of Surgical Research, 151(1), 28-32.
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Hou, F., Coe, C. L., & Erickson, C. (1996). Psychological Disturbance Differentially Alters CD4+ and CD8+ Leukocytes in the Blood and Intrathecal Compartments. Journal of Neuroimmunology, 68, 13-18.


Hou, F. (April 2018). Schistocyte Counting: ICSH Guidelines, Automatic Methods & Beyond. ASCLS-WI state annual conference, Milwaukee WI.
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