Nonprofit Needs Assessment Survey

The Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, in partnership with Project Pivot, is conducting a survey of Milwaukee nonprofit leaders to ask the question, “What do the nonprofits in our community need and how can those needs be met?”

Why Milwaukee Nonprofits Should Complete the Survey

Nonprofits are on the front line of addressing many of Milwaukee’s most difficult social challenges. They deliver services and offer opportunities that government and for-profits cannot or will not provide. But expectations of nonprofits are often unreasonable and support insufficient. For example, in recent years the infrastructure designed to assist nonprofits has fragmented and weakened with the loss of the Nonprofit Center and Wisconsin Nonprofits Association. This is a critical time for nonprofits in Milwaukee. Concerns have been raised as to whether and how the community will support nonprofits to effectively and efficiently build on their strengths and address their challenges.

  • Who will decide what nonprofits need?The survey is designed to hear directly from nonprofits about their strengths and the challenges they face. The survey is part of a larger project to determine the best ways to strengthen nonprofits’ ability to deliver their missions.
  • Where do nonprofits turn for help? Are they suffering from the loss of Nonprofit Center Milwaukee services? If so, which ones? To what extent?
  • Are there needs that have not been met by existing support organizations?
  • What are the greatest priority needs? How do they vary among nonprofits?
  • Is there a financially sustainable nonprofit support model that could have the impact needed by Milwaukee-area nonprofits

The Milwaukee Nonprofit Needs Survey is the most important way for nonprofits to have a voice in addressing these questions. Without input from nonprofits of all sizes and missions, staffed by volunteers or paid employees and from throughout Milwaukee County, efforts to address their needs will miss the mark.

About the Survey

  • Only one survey per nonprofit is requested.
  • Survey should be completed by the lead paid staff person or volunteer with input from others as needed or desired.
  • Survey requests will be sent by multiple organizations to ensure we reach as many nonprofits as possible, so nonprofits are likely to receive more than one request to complete the survey.
  • A broad range of issues that are important for nonprofit success are covered.
  • Results will be shared broadly and will be used to build new strategies for helping nonprofits.
  • Incentives for completing the survey: 25 gift cards for Starbucks will be awarded randomly.
  • Completion time: 20 – 30 minutes.


The Nonprofit Needs Assessment Survey is currently closed. However, focus groups and one-on-one interviews will soon be convening.

For more information about the Listening to and Supporting Milwaukee Nonprofits project contact: Shelly Schnupp, Managing Director, Project Pivot at

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