Below is a list of current classes available for the MS Data Science degree. For a complete listing of all classes related to the degree please see the Requirements tab of the Data Science degree in our academic catalog.

Spring 2024 MSDS Course Offerings
Core Areas
Complete 18 credits; 1 course from each sub-area below:
Course Subj/No.Course NameCreditsOnlineEveningIn-PersonInstructorCourse Code
Developing insights from data for applications
ATM SCI 600GData Analytics3TR 11:30a-12:45pRoebber48749
COMP SCI 425GIntroduction to Data Mining3TR 11:30a-12:45pAlsghaier49340
Data Analysis for Data Science
Organizing and maintaining large data sets
BUS ADM 749Data and Information Management3M 2:30-5:10pZhao44096
3XW 5:30-8:10pDakshinamurthy47991
COMP SCI 557GIntroduction to Database Systems3TR 2:30-3:45pStaff46328
INFOST 714Metadata3XN/AKipp42850
PH 718Data Management and Visualization in R3XXTR 4-5:15pRavvaz43007
AI and Machine Learning to extract insight from Data
COMPSCI 422GIntroduction to Artificial Intelligence3X R 4-5:15pStaff46322
COMPSCI 711 Introduction to Machine Learning3MW 2:30-3:45pStaff47078
INFOST 582GIntroduction to Data Science3XMW 4-5:15pM. Park42754
Probabilistic methods to analyze uncertainty in data
ATM SCI 700Statistical Methods in Atmospheric Sciences II: Signal Detection3 MW 10-11:15aKravtsov48750
BUS ADM 713Business Forecasting Methods3XN/ABaladi44906
BUSMGMT 709Predictive Analytics for Managers3X M 5:30-8:10pAlwan 45021
3XN/AAlwan 44131
ECON 835Econometric Methods II3 TR 11:30a-12:45pKishor48805
GEOG 737Qualitative Research3XR 4-6:40pMansson McGinty48870
GEOG 747Spatial Analysis- online lecture (must register for one lab section)4X(Hybrid- must take in-person lab)Choi46000
(Lab 801)F 11:30-1:20 pm 46056
IND ENG 575GDesign of Experiments- lecture (must register for one lab section)3XW 5:30-7:20p45675
(Lab 801)M 9:30-11:20a45676
(Lab 803)XM 5:30-7:20p47247
IND ENG 765Operations Research Methods3MW 11:30a-12:45p48639
MTHSTAT 361GIntroduction to Mathematical Statistics I3XMW 4-5:15pGervini45440
MTHSTAT 362GIntroduction to Mathematical Statistics II3MW 10-11:15aZhu45441
MTHSTAT 564G/764Time Series Analysis (MTH STAT 564G)3MW 10-11:15aSpade45442
Time Series Analysis (MTH STAT 764)3MW 10-11:15aSpade48381
MTHSTAT 872Mathematical Statistics II3MW 1-2:15pSpade44734
PH 711Intermediate Biostatistics3TR 10-11:15aStaff43011
POL SCI 702Techniques of Political Science Research3X W 4:30-7:10pMcwagner45842
PSYCH 510GAdvanced Psychological Statistics (must register for one disc. section)3M 6-7:50pCooley47425
(Disc 601) F 9:30-10:20a47426
(Disc 602)F 10:30-11:20a47427
SOCIOL 760Advanced Statistical Methods in Sociology (must register for lab section)3 TR 2:30-3:45pRoberts/Dieters44648
(Lab 801)R 4-4:50pRoberts/Dieters46162
Advanced Programming for Data Collection and Data Science
BUSMGMT 744 R Programming for Business Analytics3XN/ARetzer45217
BUS ADM 743Information Privacy, Security & Continuity (LEC. 001)3R 2:30-5:10pSaid 45134
(LEC. 002)3XR 5:30-8:10pShah47797
INFOST 465GLegal Aspects of Information Products and Services3TR 1-2:15pKozak42841
Complete 12 credits; 4 courses
ANTHRO 380GAnthropological Applications of GIS3XR 5:30-8:10pNicholls48697
ART 313G Creative Coding3MW 11a-1:40p Kryzhanivska40942
ART 317G3D Modeling and XR3MW 2-4:40p Kryzhanivska40625
ART 526GResearch in Universal Design and Fabrication3MW 8-10:40aMcConville40484
BUS ADM 741Web Mining and Analytics (Lec. 001)3XW 5:30-8:10pAlexander47988
(Lec. 201)3XN/AHamedani46527
BUS ADM 742Big Data in Business3XT 5:30-8:10pVadapally46948
BUS ADM 745Artificial Intelligence for Business3XR 5:30-8:10pSinha46535
BUS ADM 769Database Marketing3XN/AHysenlika44152
BUS ADM 812Machine Learning for Business (Lec. 001)3T 2:30-5:10pChen47995
(Lec. 201)3XN/AChen46940
BUS ADM 813 Social Media Analytics for Business3XM 5:30-8:10pWang46528
BUS ADM 816Business Intelligence Technologies & Solutions (Lec. 001)3X M 5:30-8:10p Dakshinamurthy47999
(Lec. 201)3XN/ASinha45684
Introduction to Text Retrieval and Its Applications in Biomedicine (744)3MW 11:30a-12:45pStaff48614
COMP SCI 535GAlgorithm Design and Analysis (Lec. 001)3TR 10-11:15aYu48605
Lec. 201XXMW 4-5:15pCheng45417
Lec. 210XXMW 4-5:15p46325
COMP SCI 712Image Processing3TR 2:30-3:45pStaff49380
COMP SCI 725Robot Motion Planning3T 4-5:15pStaff46345
CRM JST 520GAnalysis Oriented Technology: Spatial Data Analysis; Crime Mapping; ArcGIS3XN/AKonkel43120
CRM JST 910Methods and Practice Capstone for Crime Analysts3XN/ADagenhardt43098
ECON 734Foundation of Econometric Methods3XMW 4-5:15pYoon44773
GEOG 705Cartography (must register for Lab section)3MW 10-11:15aSziarto48876
R 11:30a-1:20p48877
GEOG 726Geographic Information Science3XN/AXu45571
(Lab. 901)XN/A45572
(Lab. 902)XN/A45573
MATH 803 Industrial Mathematics I (must register for lab section)3 MW 2:30-3:45pLauko48324
URBPLAN 791Introduction to Urban Geographic Information Systems for Planning (must register for lab section)3XXM 5:30-6:25pBenedict42581
(Lab 203)XXM 6:30-8pDoiron42582
URBPLAN 792Using Urban Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Planning3 M 2:30-5:10pVepraskas42583

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