Global Studies

UWM’s Global Studies program is recognized nationally for its comprehensive approach to interdisciplinary globalization studies, combining studying abroad, mastering a foreign language, learning about globalization, and exploring career prospects as interconnected endeavors. Global Studies students develop critical intercultural communication skills preparing them for a job market in which the ability to function effectively in multicultural and international environments is highly valued.

Students are required to complete the equivalent of six semesters of a foreign language, and complete 2 of 3 experiential education options for a total of 12 credits.

  • 3-9 study abroad coursework credits
  • 1-6 credits of a domestic, internationally focused internship
  • 1-6 credits of an international internship

Jointly sponsored by UWM’s College of Letters and Science, Lubar College of Business, College of Nursing, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, and School of Information Studies, Global Studies combines the strengths of a liberal arts education with the practical benefits of pre-professional training. It offers a rigorous program that can accommodate a wide range of individual interests and career goals.

Global Studies Handbook (PDF)

Global Studies Major

Global Studies offers five different BA tracks for students to choose from:

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Global Studies Minor

Global Studies also offers a minor, which enables you to integrate language study, overseas study, and coursework on globalization into their academic programs.

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Integrated 5-Year BA/Masters Programs

Global Studies students who decide early in their college career that they would like to pursue graduate studies at UWM can choose from two options to complete both a BA and a master’s degree in five years.

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International Studies

International Studies is an interdisciplinary program of the College of Letters and Science, offering students an opportunity to focus their studies on international politics and world affairs, international economics and development, or world languages and cultures. Students can either elect in the International Studies Major or Minor.

Through coursework in history, political science, economics and foreign languages, students gain a deeper understanding of the international system, its institutions and actors. Optional internships and study abroad further enhance students’ international learning and provide insights into future career paths.

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