Degree Requirements for Accelerated 3-2 BA/MA

This program is intended for students who have studied advanced level French in high school, earned AP credits in French, or have significant background in French, as demonstrated by the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP).

To enter the Master’s program, students in the Integrated French BA and MALLT-Translation 3-2 Program must have completed:

  • a minimum of 90 undergraduate credits;
  • all of the general Letters & Science degree requirements
  • all of the General Education Requirements;
  • and most of the credits required for the French major.

After entering Graduate School, students will earn 30+ credits as part of the requirements for the Translation concentration of MALLT. Any number of those credits can transfer back to the undergraduate record to reach the required 120 undergraduate credits, and to complete any remaining credit requirements for the French major.

Degree Requirements Summary

  1. English Proficiency and UWM Oral and Written Communication (OWC) GER – English 102 (fulfills Part A)
    and one OWC-Part B course.
  2. Math Proficiency, UWM Quantitative Literacy (QL) GER, and Formal Reasoning – two courses can satisfy all three requirements. Some courses have prerequisites, however, so a student may end up taking more than two total classes depending on his/her placement test scores. Students will usually take Math 103 or 105 AND three credits in either a 200-level or above math course, Philosophy 211, or an
    approved Letters & Science statistics course.
  3. Foreign Language – 4 semesters of a single Foreign Language (or 3 semesters of one language and 2 semesters of another language)(May be satisfied through 4 years of a single Foreign Language in high school.)
  4. L&S Humanities (HU) – 12 credits
  5. L&S Social Sciences (SS) – 12 credits
  6. L&S Natural Science (NS) – 12 credits including one lab
  7. L&S International (Int’l) – 9 credits usually accomplished in conjunction with Humanities and/or Social Science courses
  8. UWM Arts GER – 3 credits
  9. UWM Cultural Diversity GER (CD) – 3 credits usually accomplished in conjunction with a Humanities or Social Science course
  10. Complete the program requirements
    • All of French 103, 104, 203, and 204 (or equivilent through AP, retro credits, or other demonstrated
    • All of French 303, 324, 325, 332, 415, 426, 433, 510, and 733
    • Two of French 428, 429, 430, or 450
    • All of Translation 201, 709, 710, 726, 730, and 820
    • French/Translation 706 and 716
    • Two Translation industry electives
    • At least 131 credits including 90 credits in L&S taken at UWM and with 36 of the 90 credits in L&S upperlevel (numbered above 300) courses. The doublecounting of at least 19 hours of undergraduate and
      graduate credit means that students of the five-year French BA/MALLT will be required to take a total of
      only 131 credit hours of coursework for both their BA and their MA, rather than 150 if each program was
      done separately (120 + 30).