Marcher sur l’eau (Above Water)

Wednesday, February 16 • 7pm

Marcher sur l’eau (Above Water)

Aïssa Maïga, DCP, 89 min
France/Niger, 2021 (Peuhl, French)
US premiere

Official Selection, 2021 Cannes Festival

Co-written by French actress Aïssa Maïga and Ariane Kirtley, this film documents the dire consequences of climate change in the Sahel. Focusing on a Wodaabe Peuhl village of semi-sedentarized pastoralists in the region of Azawagh in Northern Niger, the film follows Houlaye, a 14 year old girl, who fetches water and cares for her siblings when the adults must journey forth to support their families until a drilling project reveals the aquifer that lies beneath them. 

Co-sponsored by UWM Student Involvement & Fresh Water Studies

Talk-back with James Price (School of Fresh Water Sciences)