Programs & Offices

Our programs/offices play an important role in campus recruitment, retention, and student and employee success through coordinated efforts within the division, strategic partnerships across campus and with external communities. Many staff members serve on committees and bring diverse perspectives and ideas to the table. Others provide training, consultative, and investigative services to academic and administrative departments on a wide range of diversity and climate issues. The work that they collectively lead help to foster a sense of belonging in an inclusive community where all may reach their full potential.

The student support offices contribute to the mission and core values of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee by engaging in collaborative relationships with campus and community partners to improve recruitment, retention and graduation of students from multicultural backgrounds. They contribute to student success by 1) providing holistic advising and coaching that complement and support the academic advising that students receive from Pathway Advising and the schools and colleges where students are completing their degree; 2) carrying out sociocultural programs and activities that foster a welcoming and inclusive campus community; 3) creating partnerships internally to strengthen collaborations among students and student-faculty relationships; and 4) serving as a resource and clearinghouse for materials that speak to the experiences of diverse groups in higher education.

American Indian Student Center

Black Student Cultural Center

Roberto Hernandez Center

Southeast Asian American Student Center

E/DS and Title IX

McNair Scholars Program

STEM-Inspire Program