McNair ScholarFaculty Mentor
Jorge Acosta, Geoscience
Extended, High-Temperature Cooling of Lava Tube Interiors: Analog for Venus
Dr. Lindsay McHenry and Barry, Geoscience
Annabelle Ahlers, Psychology
Reconceiving Infertility: Understanding Men’s Identity and Experience
Dr. Maria Novotny, English
Makayla Brame, Sociology & Psychology
The Perceived Success of Individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Dr. James Peoples
Zakaria Brema, Nursing
Social Determinants of Health and Their Impact on the Breast Cancer Rate Amongst Minority Groups in the United States​
Dr. Robert Baker III, Nursing
Marshelle Enineva Canada, Information Science & Technology
An Examination of the Dangers During Traffic Stops and How the Raw Data Collection Affects Policing Minority Populations​
Dr. Nadine Kozak,SOIS/African American Studies
Alexia Castillo, Cell & Molecular Biology
Regulation of Raf Protein Stability by 14-3-3 Proteins in C. elegans
Dr. Claire De La Cova, Biological Sciences
Karen Rico Flores, Healthcare Administration
Lack of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Within Healthcare Leadership Positions in Milwaukee, WI’s Metropolitan Area​
Dr. Jennifer T. Fink, Health Informatics and Administration
Antonio Garcia, Psychology
Hazardous Alcohol Use​ and Sexual Victimization Among Bi+ Individuals​
Dr. Shawn Cahill, Psychology
Melkisedec Hernandez, Communications
The Participation of Physical Activity and Impact on our Psychological Well-being through CrossFit
Dr. Paru Shah, Political Science
Rosalba Huerta, Materials Engineering
Microcantilever-Based Stress Characterization In
Magnetron Sputtered Films
Dr. Prasenjit Guptasarma Argonne, Material Science & Engineering
Serena Lee, Nursing
Understanding how Generational Differences in the Perspective of Mental Health Impacts Health Seeking Behavior in the Hmong Population
Dr.Jennifer Kibicho, Nursing
Nou Thao, Biomedical Science
Effect of UC2288 on Murine Fractures
Dr. Priyatha Premnath, Biomedical Engineering
Jacquice Veasey, Social Work
Mass Incarceration: A Modern-Day Form of Slavery and how it effects the Black Family
Dr. Swarnjit Arora, Economics
Miles Xavier, ASL Studies
Reported Discrimination Against Individuals with Disabilities in the Rental Housing Market: Findings from a Systematic Literature Review
Dr. Yaidi Cancel Martinez, Urban Planning
Mee Xiong, Early Childhood Education
Preservice Teacher Preparations for Inclusive Early Childhood Education​
Dr. Maggie Barlett, Community Engagement & Education
Patrick Xiong, Community Engagement & Education
How An OrganizationDevelops A Commission To Educate
Dr. Aaron Schutz, Community Engagement & Education


McNair ScholarFaculty Mentor
Sophia Aliaga, Psychology
How THC Affects Synaptic Processing of Episodic Memory in Developing Brain
Dr. Krista Lisdahl, Psychology
Isabella Cosentino, Architecture and Urban Planning
Architectural Design Process Innovations for Equitable Inclusion in Shaping the Lived Environment
Dr. Trudy Watt, Lubar Business School
Edgar Leon Gomez, Urban Studies
​​The Effects of The Fair Housing Act (1958) on Latinos in Wisconsin​
Dr. Paru Shah, Political Science
Razia Hafeez, Chemistry
Corral Trapping, A new method of electrophoresis and dielectrophoresis
Dr. Jorg Woehl, Chemistry
Tristan Jarvey, Psychology
Links Between Exposure to Racial Discrimination, Sleep Disturbances & PTSD Among Black American Adults
Dr. Christine Larson, Psychology
Kalkidan Johnson, Psychology
Perceptions of Privacy vs. Public Good from the Hypothetical Use of Vaccine Attitudes by Internet Companies
Dr. W. Hobart Davies, Psychology
Cheyanne Marie Koran, Geosciences
Mineral Core Analysis for Environmental Reconstruction of Olduvai Gorge
Dr. Lindsay McHenry, Geosciences
Anamarie Leduc, Public Health
To Fear or Not to Fear: Antibiotic Resistance among Bacteria Residing in Milwaukee Beaches 
Dr. Troy Skwor, Health Sciences
Jermarcus Lewis, Biology
Quantification of ERK activity in hypodermal cells of C. elegans
Dr. Claire de la Cova, Biology
Allyn Lottouzee, Conservation and Environmental Sciences
Nutrient Recycling from ​In-Vessel Compost​
Dr. Neal O’Reilly, Conservation and Environmental Sciences
Noah Salentine,Mathematical Sciences
A Mathematical Model of the Disruption of Glucose Homeostasis in Cancer Patients
Dr. Peter Hinow, Mathematical Sciences
Stephanie Serrato, Helen Bader School of Social Welfare
An Analysis of Milwaukee Public School District’s High School Sex Education Curriculum for LGBTQ-Inclusive Content​
Dr. Trina Salm Ward, Helen Bader School of Social Welfare
Jonathan Stone, Engineering
Investigation into the Bonding of Nickel Titanium and Tin Bismuth
Dr. Nathan Salowitz, Engineering
Ruchi Soni, Kinesiology
Self-Reported Physical Activity Group Differences in Women’s Body Surveillance and Appreciation
Dr. Christy Greenleaf, Kinesiology


McNair ScholarFaculty Mentor
Koami Amegnran, Architecture & Urban Planning
Vertical Farming
Dr. Arijit H Sen, Architecture & Urban Planning
Katrina Degenhardt, Biology and Conservation and Science
Pollen Limitation in Platanthera leucophaea
Dr. Neal O’Reilly, Conservation and Environmental Sciences
Katy Gabryelczyk, Communication
The Gun Violence Project: Narratives of Violence in Milwaukee
Dr. Erin Parcell, Communication
Michael Levandoski, Social Welfare
Analyzing the effectiveness of Instinctive Trauma Response treatment within a male prisoner reentry program
Dr. James Topitzes, Social Welfare
Victoria Isaac, Sociology
Art Education and Black Student Achievement:
Evidence From the High School Longitudinal Study of 2009
Dr. Marcus L Britton, Sociology
Miguel Jaimes, Material Science & Engineering
Continuous Covalent Organic Framework Membranes for Organic Solvent Nanofiltration​
Dr. Xiaoli Ma​, Material Science & Engineering
Jocelyn Jarvis, Psychology
Parental Experiences of Pediatric Provider Concern Dismissal: Associations with Parents’ Satisfaction with Life and Perceived Health Competence
Dr. W. Hobart Davies, Psychology
Seresa McDowell, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Quinolone Synthesis
Dr. Alan Schwabacher, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Karina Montoto, Psychology
Anxiety Symptomology Among Cannabis users Following a 3-week Abstinence Period
Dr. Krista Lisdahl, Psychology
Abdikadir Said, Economics
Teen Fatality Rate
Dr. Arora Swarnjit, Economics
Jesus Sanchez-Mora, Economics
The Sustainable Revolution: Sustainability of Buildings and its Health Impacts
Dr Matthew McGinty, Economics
Jonathan Santiago, Psychology
How Does Attention and Anxiety Interact to Predict Threat Word Filtering? 
Dr. Christine Larson, Psychology
Markia Silverman-Rodriguez, Geography
The Correlation Between Racial Residential Segregation and Crime in
Chicago Neighborhoods Since 2000
Dr. Zengwang Xu, Geography
Michael Vazquez, Political Science
Recruitment, Retention and Success of Latinx Students in Higher Education
Dr. Paru Shah, Political Science


McNair ScholarFaculty Mentor
Madeline Allen, Sociology
A Housing-First Initiative: A Comparative Study on Women’s Experiences with Chronic Homelessness
Dr. Gwat-Yong Lie, Social Work
Taylor Beecher, Criminal Justice & Psychology
Examination of Rape Empathy in College-Aged Male Perpetrators and Victims
Dr. Shawn Cahill, Psychology
Katalina Cha, Clinical Psychology
The Influence of Parental Adverse Childhood Exposures on Parenting Styles and Behavior in Pre-schoolers
Dr. W. Hobart Davies, Psychology
Emily Crain-Castle, Educational Policy Studies
A New Form of Colonialism on the Rise
Dr. Paru Shah, Political Science
Paul Espinoza-Kissell, Psychology
APOE Genotype and Sex Influence Memory and Dendritic Spine Density in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s
Dr. Karyn Frick, Psychology
Margarita Garcia-Rojas, Latin America, Caribbean, & U.S. Latin@ Studies
Media Attention, Central American Asylum Seekers, and the role of the Port Isabel Detention Center from 1988-1990
Dr. Aims McGuiness, History
Amber Joshway, Political Science
Examination of the Racial Environment of States and Candidates of Color in the 2018 Legislative Election
Dr. Paru Shah, Political Science
Janet Lagunez-Garcia, Psychology
The Relationship Between Anxiety and Implicit Racial Bias
Dr. Christine Larson, Psychology
Patricia Mendoza, Counseling Psychology
Exploring Physiological Arousal and Childhood Maltreatment as Predictors of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Dr. Christine Larson, Psychology
Isaac Ngui, Computer Science & Robotics
Trajectory Tracking Control of Three-Wheeled Omnidirectional Mobile Robot
Dr. Mohammad H. Rahman, Biomedical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering
Rin Nguyen, Psychology
A Study on Work Behaviors and Pressure
Dr. Nadya Fouad, Educational Psychology and Dr. Romila Singh, Organizations & Strategic Management
Ciera Oglesby, Neuroscience, Psychology
Morphological Differences Between Regular-spiking and Late-spiking Neurons
Dr. James Moyer, Psychology
Ruben Prado, Psychology
Children of Single Parents and Career Decision-Making
Dr. Nadya Fouad, Educational Psychology
Maixee Yang, Chemistry
Quantification of Acid Ceramidase Inhibitor (ARN) in Rat Plasma Using LC-MS/MS and its Application for Pharmacokinetic Studies
Dr. Shama Mirza, Chemistry and Biochemistry


McNair ScholarFaculty Mentor
Azia Barner, Physics
Gamma and Beta Radiation Effects on Plasmids
Carol Hirschmugl, PhD, Physics
Vanessa Bravo, Occupational Studies
Exploring Use of Mindfulness for Depression Experienced by Individuals Undergoing Rotator Cuff Repair
Bhagwant S. Sindhu, PhD, Occupational Science & Technology
Dulce Hernandez-Blanchard, Geosciences
Microstructural Changes Across a Shear Zone in Southern Iberia
Dyanna Czeck, PhD, Geosciences
Robert Holloway, Kinesiology
Exploring Strategies for Student Success in Human Gross Anatomy: The Musculoskeletal System of the Back
Andrew Petto, PhD, Biological Sciences
Giselle Irankunda, Civil Engineering
UW Milwaukee Prowl Line
Jie Yu, PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Kristen Leer, Psychology, Classic Civilizations, & Religious Studies
Familial Influence on Early Adolescent Alcohol Sipping Behavior
Krista M. Lisdahl, PhD, Psychology
Ashley López, Psychology
The Relationship between Living on One’s Affirmed Gender, Mindfulness, and Quality of Life in Transgender Youth
Lance Weinhardt, PhD, Public Health
Laura Manriquez, Health Care Business Administration
Providing Treatment Services for Individuals with Opioid Drug Addictions that Become a Part of the Criminal Justice System
William Hutchins, PhD, Biological Sciences
Michael Nelson, Biology
Traditional Iroquois Three Sisters Agricultural Practices
Margaret Noodin, PhD, English
Augustine Rouamba , Public Health Microbiology
Engineering Protein Constructs for Force Spectroscopy and Fluorescence Measurements
Mentor: Ionel Popa, Physics
Valerie Rubalcava, Geosciences
Analysis of Acebuches Metabasites from the Southern Iberian Shear Zone: Mineralogy and Microtextures
Dyanna Czeck, PhD, Geosciences
Omar Sacramento,Urban Studies & GIS
Hospital Segregation and Patient Mortality Outcomes
Marcus L. Britton, PhD, Sociology
Brianna Suggs, Community Engagement & Education
Caregiver Policy and Program Review- Lack of Attention Paid to Young Caregivers
Melinda Kavanaugh, PhD, Social Welfare
Tashea West, Psychology
What Do Students Think They Can Learn from Their Teachers?
Chris A. Lawson, PhD, Educational Psychology
Dominique Wilkerson, English- Rhetoric & Composition & History
Our Mother’s Gardens and Tables: Transculturation, Food Cultures and Migration in the Making of Black Milwaukee
Aims McGuinness & Jasmine Alinder, PhD, History
Naomi Wilson, Journalism
Milwaukee Sign Language Elementary School: Quality of Education in ASL/English Public Bilingual Schools
Erin Wiggins, MBA, MS, ASLTA-Q, American Sign Language Studies
Denise Zahran, Architecture & Anthropology
Relationships Between Culture and Space within Middle Eastern Stores in Milwaukee
Arijit Sen, PhD, Architecture & Urban Planning


McNair ScholarFaculty Mentor
Diana Sofía Rivera R, Occupational Studies
Relationship Between the Structure of the Healthcare System and Health Inequalities: A Comparative Analysis of 21 Developed Countries
Mustafa Hussein, Zilber School of Public Health
Cheyenne Cole, Social Work
Programs to Help Incarcerated Women Transition from Jail to the Community
Susan Rose, Helen Bader School of Social Work
Nathon Breu, American Indian Studies/History
Margaret Noodin, English/AIS &Dir.of EQI
Jared Schmitz, Architectural Studies
Architecture and Neighborliness: Reading Socio-Spatial Relationships in Residential Streetscapes
Arijit Sen, Architecture & Urban Planning
Bee Yang, Psychology
Treating ‘My Way’ Problem Behaviors in Autism Using Functional Communication Training
Jeffrey Tiger, Psychology
Loretha Jack, Conservation & Environmental Science
Role of Silicate in Freshwater Phytoplankton Communities: A Limiting Nutrient Shaping Community Composition
Erica Young & John Berges, Biological Sciences
Jennifer Galindo, Social Work
Breastfeeding and Bedsharing Among Low-Income Women Receiving Home Visiting Service
Joshua Merskey& James “Dimitri” Topitzes, Helen Bader School of Social Work
Alyxandria Fabian, Nursing
The Baby Box Study: The Community’s Perception
Jennifer Doering, College of Nursing
Alaa Mohammad, Psychology
Effects of Autism Disclosure Among Muslim Individuals
Mentor: W. Hobart Davies, Psychology
Olivia Gloria Biological Sciences
Engineering Protein Constructs for Force Spectroscopy and Fluorescence Measurements
Mentor: Ionel Popa, Physics
Octavia Winters, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Emergent Literacy Impact Towards Achievement In High-Risk Children
Mentor: John Heilmann, Communication Sci. & Disorders
Ala Abdeljaber, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Modifications of Parent-Child Pre-Academic Practices After a Parent Training Program within The Children’s Museum
Mentor: John Heilmann, Communication Sci. & Disorders
Ever Clinton, Architectural Studies
The Physical Environment: Resources for or Impediments to Social Sustainability in the Washington Park Community
Mentor: Brian Schermer, Architecture & Urban Planning
Eugene A Cherry, Nursing
Exploratory Study of Health concerns, Eye Health Risks and Eye Care Needs in Milwaukee’s Inner City: Community Scan and Needs Assessment
Mentor: Sandra Millon-Underwood, College of Nursing
Salvador Arroyo, Mechanical Engineering
Studying Unsaturated Flow in Dual-Scale Engineering Textiles
Mentor: Krishna Pillai, Mechanical Engineering


McNair ScholarFaculty Mentor
Teonna N. Cooksey, Architecture
The Substance of Home: Architecture, Foreclosure and Eviction
Arijit Sen, Architecture
Kennia L. Coronado, Political Science
Undocumented Millennial Latinxs: Post 2006 Political Activism Amongst Youth
Paru Shah, Political Science
Marlyatou Diallo, Nursing
Contextual Factors of Health Services Access/Utilization and Perceptions of Social Stigma
Aaron Buseh, Nursing
Breanna A. Eisner, Social Work
Leadership and Accountability Analysis Through Emergency Management
Kent Redding, Sociology
Carl D. Greer, Psychology
Teacher Efficacy Effects on African American Males
Gary Williams, Educational Policy & Community Studies
Detaya L. Johnson, Geosciences
Investigation into the Fluid-Rock Interactions in Rainy Lake Region
Dyanna Czeck, Geosciences
Dwayne E. Lee, Journalism
Implicit Bias
Gary Williams, Educational Policy & Community Studies
Lizbeth Lopez, Psychology
Parents’ Health Literacy and Reactions to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Safe Sleep Guidelines
W. Hobart Davies, Psychology
Zachariah N.K. Marrero, Psychology
The Enneagram: Towards an Empirical Assessment of Disintegration
Raymond Fleming, Psychology
Juan S. Orjuela, Biological Sciences
Correlation of Handedness & Ear Preference in Gray Tree Frogs
Gerlinde Höbel, Biological Sciences
Aerielle M. Pendleton, Psychology
The Influence of Computer Based Training on Anxious Individual’s Cognitive Control
Christine Larson, Psychology
Cristal E. Sanchez, Biological Sciences
Determination of Phosphorus Using Hydrolysis Treatments to Differentiate Between Polyphosphates and Organic Phosphates
Russell Cuhel, Freshwater Sciences
Brandon L. Savage, Social Work
An Examination of the Intersection between Debt and Incarceration of African American Males
David Pate, Social Welfare
Ballantyne Thabiso Jimmy Shabangu, Information Science and Technology
Information Access in Rural Areas of South Africa
Jacques du Plessis, Information Studies
Diana L. Navarro Suarez, Nursing
Exploration of Symptoms in Hispanic Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer
Jeanne M. Erickson, Nursing
Monea R. Warrington, Anthropology, Omāēgnomenēw Kiketwan: Menominee Language Verb LessonMargaret Noodin, English and Electa Quinney Institute
Tommy C. Yang, Architecture
A Place to Belong: Contested Narratives of Identity
Arijit Sen, Architecture
Marlene S. Zahran, Microbiology
Measuring Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Using JC-10 Voltage Sensitive Dye
Michael Laiosa, Public Health