Job Alert! Digital Content Specialist for Lessiter Media

As part of the Digital Media team you will manage digital content to support all channels, tactics, and strategies geared to help grow our audiences of paying readers, event attendees, and advertisers.

“This position is a great role for recent graduates or individuals looking for a career in the Digital Media, Marketing Technology space. The last three people who have worked in the department were UWM graduates. All have been successful fitting into the company and able to get up to speed with daily responsibilities.”

Further Description (This is a Full-Time position)

You will repurpose, optimize and manage digital content for traffic and conversion results. Responsibilities include:

  • Adapt, test, proof and post content to our websites using our content management system: articles, images, forms, video, audio and files.
  • Create, proof and manage outbound email campaigns
  • Produce optimized landing pages for downloads, e-commerce and registrations
  • Repurpose content for social media
  • Identify and utilize keywords to impact organic search traffic
  • Report metrics and results of campaigns and content initiatives