How I’m Staying Connected Through Worldwide Disconnect

 By Hailee Jeske

After an unusual Spring Break that lasted two weeks instead of one, it is time to get back to reality. But what is this new reality that we are faced with? This ever-changing world is an unknown to us all these days, but each one of us is creating our own new reality.  

For me, every aspect of my life has changed. From my work, to my internship, to my schooling, to where I’m living, I’m learning to create a new reality during Milwaukee’s Safer at Home order.  

Starting the second week of Spring Break, I decided that it would be best for me to move out of the home that I rent near campus and move in with my parents for the time being. This has been a difficult task, but I know I’m not the only student in this boat. Along with moving my whole life to my parent’s home, my job also moved home with me. Being in real estate, I can do most of my job remotely, so can continue working from home 

Both of these changes, along with all my classes moving online, have been difficult. The most difficult part is having to manage work, school, and my internship. Not having the structure of going to work and going to class at specific times has been challenging, and I am still trying to figure out the best times to complete all of the tasks I have to accomplish each day. I am blessed to have the technology and resources to complete them, but keeping everything organized from home isn’t an easy feat.  

Knowing that the entire nation is in this together is helping me get through it. It is easy to feel isolated in these uncertain times, but it is important to know that we can use this time to stay connected to one anotherThere are many events that have transitioned to an online platform, and many of these are featured in the DAC Digest, which helps make it easy to find interesting events to participate in from the comfort of my couch.  

Although the outcome of all these changes is uncertain, it is important to focus on what is in my control while doing my best to succeed with the challenges I’m facing. The DAC team is striving to use these changes as an opportunity to become even more connected through technology and looking for new ways to improve the online platforms that the university has recommended.