Future Course Offerings to Consider


SPG 18 – ART 212 

Introduction to Digital Studio Practice – Formulated as an extension of ART 118, ART 212 completes the Adobe Suite of creative applications (Video / Audio / Animation) while exploring critical concepts such as Power, Affect, the Spectacle, and personal motivations.

SUM 18 – ART 317 

3D Imaging – This immersive media production course focuses on the basics of virtual 3D modeling and creating Immersive Experiences.  Options to explore Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360˚ video production, photogrammetry, game design, as well as drawing, painting, sculpting, and designing within immersion. This course has a critical focus on topics surrounding the singularity.

FALL 18 – ART 314

Digital Painting – Using Adobe Photoshop, students explore painting with pen tablets (WACOM), and learn about color, perspective, and formation techniques.  The course allows students to combine skills with passions in order to find work that they can be truly proud of!  The course has a critical focus on the evolutions of technology.