FALL 2020 Course – ENG 439: Information Design

If you’re looking for one of those rare classes, an upper-level L&S course, which also satisfies the Practicing the Digital Arts category for the Digital Arts and Culture program, we’ve got one right here, with a few more spots available for the fall: English 439 Information Design.

Kristopher Purzycki, who is currently teaching the DAC 661 Digital Engagement Capstone, will be the instructor for this class. It hasn’t been taught in the fall semester for a little while, so take advantage!

Information Design is a laboratory where students will explore the forms, functions, techniques, and theories pertaining to the efficient communication of complex phenomena. Projects and activities throughout the semester will focus on the composition of text, media, design, and interaction. Through hands-on experiences, students develop skills in multimedia composition while considering the ethical representation of human experiences across media.

Students of all majors welcome!

Email purzycki@uwm.edu if you have any questions.