DAC Capstone Profiles

Prior to spring break, the cohort of the Digital Arts & Culture capstone course (DAC 661) had been planning a final showcase of projects developed over the first half of the Spring 2020 semester. Due to the campus closure, this opportunity to share these works with peers and the public was unfortunately cancelled.

But the strength of DAC students comes – in no small measure – from their abilities to solve problems with creative and innovative solutions. While our semester was abruptly cut short, this cohort has used this time to not only complete these projects but also explore new creative pathways. Instead of presenting their works in physical space, the cohort has opted to highlight their time with the DAC program in a couple other ways:

First, we’ll be highlighting one of the DAC capstone cohort every few days here on the DAC site until the end of semester. We hope you’ll take some time to read these profiles. In each, DAC students discuss the work they completed this semester. In considering these projects, they also share their experience, their process, and reflect upon moments of success (and sometimes failure).

Second, we’ll be archiving and publishing the capstone projects with UWM’s Digital Commons. This curated collection will ensure that these works are preserved in a safe, secure location for the foreseeable future. This collection is significant as this will be the first volume in what we hope will be an ongoing collection. It says a great deal that this cohort would take up this sort of endeavor during a time of global crisis.

It’s a privilege to introduce the DAC Capstone Cohort of 2020: