Calls for Proposals/Submissions

-The NMC invites proposals for affiliated panel session @ CAA 2019

The New Media Caucus invites proposals for affiliated panel session to be held during the 2019 College Art Association annual conference in New York City. Panels should reflect New Media Caucus’ mandate of promoting the development and understanding of new media art. Panels that address or engage with underrepresented groups within the new media genre are strongly encouraged. Panel chairs will submit the proposal and organize the session, including the call for submissions. The NMC Exhibitions & Events Committee will assist with providing liaison to CAA, administration, publicity, etc.

-Call for Submissions – Scenes and Screens Festival 2018: Hyperconnect by AltspaceVR

The 2018 Scenes and Screens Festival is currently accepting submissions for papers, machinima, films, performances, VR installations, and digital prints that center around the theme: Hyperconnect. Though this term is commonly used to describe what we consider to be intermachine communication, it can also be used to describe a state of interpersonal and human-to-machine interaction as well. Alternatively, hyperconnectivity is used as a medical term to describe a rapid firing of neurons making excessive connections within the brain. The Scenes and Screens Festival committee encourages those submitting to consider the impact of all existing connections in our society, both organic and digital. Some ideas to pursue include but are not limited to the following topics: attention mining, artificial intelligence, biological enhancement, fractured identities, organism vs machine, and technological singularity.