Calls for Participation and Contributions

-2018 – Art Meets Radical Openness (#AMRO18)

AMRO is a biennial community festival in Linz that explores and discusses new challenges between digital culture, art, everyday life, education, politics and active action.

Call for Participation:

Unmapping Infrastructures

Application deadline: Sunday, 25th of March 2018

Event: Wed. 16th to Sat. 19th of May 2018

Location: Linz, Austria

Please apply online:

Application deadline: Sunday, 25th of March 2018

Any questions: mailto

The current issue “Unmapping Infrastructures” deals with the idea of “mapping” as a process of becoming aware and then acquiring a critical position about the current landscape of technological infrastructures.

This conglomerate of machines, human and non-human actors, nation-states and borderless companies is increasingly complex to observe and describe. Nevertheless, we believe that there is more to be seen than a hyper-commercialized structure of interlaced technological layers.

Cartographic mapping consists of a series of practices of observing, analyzing and representing a territory to be able to move through it. How can art and activism appropriate the methods of cartographic mapping to produce new, critical and alternative views of the current landscape shaped by different players?

The festival aims at deepening the thematic areas of digital geopolitics, alternative design methods, activist practices and autonomous infrastructures, themes that offer directions for localizing areas of intervention. Throughout the festival, these topics will be further explored through discussion panels, workshops, and performances.

The Open Call is addressed to artists, hacktivists, cultural workers, journalists, F/LOSS developers and “improvers of the world” who want to make a contribution (exhibition, workshop, lecture, performance) to this topic.

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