Artist Lisa Park Visits the DH Lab

Digital artist Lisa Park visited UWM today to share and demonstrate some of her recent works that turns bodily rhythms into digital art. Using a combination of various commercially available sensory devices and custom software, Park translates EEG and cardiovascular signals into sonic and visual art.

Eunoiaii. From the artist’s site.

According to Park, she began experimenting with these devices in an attempt to both understand her own emotions and a desire to become the subject of her own work. In the Eunoia series, Park sits among a mandala of speakers layered with water. The sensor work on her head collects signals pertaining to her meditative and attentive states, affecting the tone and tempo of prerecorded sounds that reverberate through the speakers.

Lisa Park introducing her early work

In her breathtaking work, Nue (“silkworm” in Korean), Park wraps herself and a custom-made sound space in an enormous 150-meter long dress of white. As the performance ensues, Park unravels and unwinds the fabric until she removes herself from the garment.

Demonstrating the Eudaimonia application

Parks’ remarkable demonstrations in the UWM Digital Humanities Lab were remarkable in their simplicity and stunning in their ability to capture and share our inner-selves. For more information on Park and her body of work, please visit her site.