Andrew Marsh

On November 14 Andrew Marsh gave a lecture in Art 106: Art Survey. He spoke about his experience as an artist, sculpting and casting various pieces that often have a personal meanings for him. Marsh believes that art is the best way to express one’s individuality: through creating and appreciating it. He says that every artist will create art for a specific reason, but every person who views a piece of art will have a different understanding of it. For example, Marsh created a sculpture of a needle that represented a source of creativity for him. However, a recovering heroin addict had a completely different connection with it, seeing it more as a symbol of the progress they made overcoming their addiction. Every person’s interpretation of a piece will be different, and that is the beauty of art!

Marsh also thinks that every artist needs to find the medium that gets them excited to create. For him, that means sculpting with wood and molten metal, using a chainsaw, welding, and creating with scrap metal and diseased trees  If you are not enjoying what you are creating, try something else. Marsh’s art is what helped him get through painful life experiences such as back surgeries he needed due to chronic pain. Every person needs to find the medium and type of art that fits their individual personality and experiences.