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Robin Rosen Chang – Futility

Farryl Last – sea creature

Marlin M. Jenkins – a black poet quotes zora neale hurston’s “i feel most [black] when i am thrown against a sharp white background” at the beginning of a reading and the white people in the crowd applaud so loud i can’t hear myself

Jessica Murray – Longings

Brian Clifton – Occupations

Tarik Dobbs – Some useful [military] standard Arabic phrases

Kwabena Foli – Chief Keef Breaks Down the Alphabet for the Coroner / BOI BI

Myronn Hardy – Sometimes I Believe I’m a Moroccan Poet Exiled on Mars

Michael Pontacoloni – Another Subject of the Patterson-Gimlin Film

Claire Scott – Landscape with Drowning Woman

Brandon Thurman – The Book of Revelation

Ivy Alvarez – Nagkakanduling sa salapi

Maria Terrone – Erased

Mischelle Anthony – Greetings from Oklahoma

Max Schleicher – Almost April

Emmy Newman – The Jellyfish and the Menstrual Cup

Justin Wymer – What Men are Made Of / Again the Mind Apart

Jihyhun Yun – Thaw

Christina Lee – Summer Fires

Sanjana Bijlani – Special occasions

Robert Julius – Wishing I Were Barbie

Aldo Amparán – Imploded Villanelle


Cathy Ulrich – The Sun That Does Not Rise

Becky Hagenston – Young Susan

Gabriel Houck – Fist

Tyler Barton – Spit If You Call It Fear

Julia Hands – Yellow like Homecoming

Blake Cass – Llamas

George Looney – Will-o’-the’Wisp


 Paige Towers – The Sound of an Imitated Ocean

Adriane Tharp – Metamorphs


John McDaid – We Knew the Glass Man

Loss Pequeño Glazier – Four Guillemets


Angie Hedman – Bumble Cage / Skirting the Issue

Guilherme Bergamini – Motorbike / Untitled

Agniya Tolstokulakova – Spring is Coming / Together