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Madeleine Wattenberg – Ode to Bed Bugs

Maria Terrone – Erased / Triptch: Car, Driver, Tree

Ibtisam Abujad – Needlepoint Gazelles

Rosebud Ben-Oni – Poet Wrestling with the Little Graces / Poet Wrestling with God as One of Us

Drew S. Cook – The Very Idea of Suffering to Wisdom at the Jewel Moore Nature Preserve

Arin Vasquez – The World Will Be a Quiet Affair

Silvia Bonilla – Notes on the Dead / Go Ahead Enter

JD Scott – Postcard from the Neighborhood

Danielle Peiratti – Ars Poetica

Daniel Ross Biegelson – Neighbors (I)

James Butcher – Candied Yams

Collin Callahan – In the Arms of a Peachleaf Willow off 1-55

Mariel Fechik – Freshwater

Luiza Flynn-Goodlet – Notes Toward Softness

Matthew Gavin Frank – Shaving in 26º / The End of January

Rochelle Hurt – Demolition Derby Queens, 1996

Anni Liu – 连翘 / When You Were Gone

James McCormick – The Song of Lies

Jono Naito – be ready

Mark Neely – Outside the Planetarium / Champaign

Pádraig Ó Tuama – Ex Nihilo

Derek Robbins – Today

Amy Gerstler – After Dinner

Lenea Grace – The astrophysicist

Jayme Russell – necroticPINK / PINKpigeon

Sarah McCartt-Jackson- Animals / Distilled


Molly Sentell Haile – One Body

Tessa Yang – All You Can Eat

Emrys Donaldson – Bubbies vs. Crims: Deathmatch Vol IV

Tasha Wise – Shedding Season

Francine Witte – Horsefather

Ellen Rhudy – Gorno Selo

Amaris Ketcham – Itsuki and I

Gail Aronson – The Only Daughters on the Coast of Mothers


Elizabeth Dodd – “Sula nabouxii in the Anthropocene”


David Clark

88 Constellations of Wittgenstein (to be played with the Left Hand)


Chris Boyko – Heredity Crux / Employment Supply

Ana Prundaru – Cherry Girl

Fluke – I Got Lost but Look What I Found

Stacey Messier – Envelope Mark Twain / Epictetus

Gabriel Silva – Gold 1 / Gold 3