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Yim Tan Wong – Sleep Suppressants

Denise Sweet – Lightwoman’s Lament

Tyler Kline – Was it Supposed to Feel Good

Varun Ravindran – Selfie with Poem

Alison Palmer – Memory is a Field That Stirs

Lisa Low – ruby, n. and adj. / Letters, Part 4 / Letters, Part 5

Lisha Ruan – Promise Me

Talia Shalev – May, June

John Sibley Williams – We are Not Alone

Muriel Leung – “What is there to say?” / “Has a city ever looked so beautiful?”

Kara Dorris – [for & against] Longing

Danielle Weeks – Prescience

Maria Martin – The Order

Rebecca Pelky – March

Saara Myrene Raappana – In the Absence of Sparrows, I Learn to Stop Hearing Sparrows / When I write heart I mean

Christine Robbins – Wake

Christopher Citro – Sneaking Back Inside / We Live on a Foreign Planet This One

Elizabeth McLagan – Anecdotal

Rennie Ament – 1676

Virginia Konchan – Pastoral

Adam Day – Kiru XXXIII / Kiru XXXIV

Sonja Johanson – Birds of America / Night Poem

Michael Jones – For Your Flash Cards, Please Use a Paper Clip / 111116 and Counting

Spencer Smith – Shade

Chelsea Whitton – Panic

Camille-Yvette Welsch – The Bone Orchard


Eric Magnuson – Sometimes They Scream

Tom Williams – Kool Filters

Monica Boothe – The Second Birth

Emily Cataneo – Wolf Diary

Leyna Krow – The Butter People

Jonathan Cardew – Yes, Mike? / Blood and Tofu / Twin Cities

Brenna Womer – Sugar Glass


Emily Townsend – Shattered Self-Portraits in the Process of Restoration

Karen Weyant – Spider Lore


Elisabeth Blair & Jeff Morris – In the Middle of the Room

David Jhave Johnston – Rerites



Ryan Schaufler – Smokestacks / Mannequin Prison

Ashley Parker Owens – Heavy / Sorry/Sorrow / Decoy

Gretchen Gales – Predator and Prey / Puff the Magic Dragonfly

Daniel Maluka – Black Me / cover for Winter Black

David Sheskin – The Reincarnation of Joan of Arc Outside the Den of the Taliban / The Reincarnation of Pablo Picasso as a Rhinoceros