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Jack Giaour – trans man in spring / trans man in october

Shannon Hearn – HYDROGEN PEROXIDE WORKS: ClassROOM Settings
Andrew Kozma – In the Case of Stairs
Chiwan Choi – excerpt from The Yellow House
Jen Siraganian– Armenian Hair / Being Armenian / Armenian Restaurant in
Glenn Shaheen – The Delicacy and Beauty of These Structures
Christina Clark – Resignation Letter to Silent Model Management / Casting
Emily Blair – Back From the Dead
Charlie Bondhus – Study for a Flat Earth
Jessica Rae Bergamino – Saturnalian / Voyager Two’s Prayer to Uranus
Joseph O. Legaspi – The Stones / A Year in the Mouth of a Whale
Conor Bracken – The Odyssey
Karissa Morton Carter – Lunatia
Jenny Xie – Corfu / Displacement / Middles
Janet Kauffman – Practice for Outside Situations Uncalled-for
Angie Macri – Carnelian, which Suggests the Flesh
Nausheen Eusuf – Destrudo
Paula Mendoza – Ode to Lelo® and Moths / My Demon Is Sad All It Can Be Is
Naoko Fujimoto – A Big Bowl of Beef Stew
Landon Godfrey – Champagne / Cy Twombly Untitled
John Sibley Williams – On Being Told: White Is a Color Without Hue
Michael Torres – f is for forever / The Flame

Julie C. Day – Raven Hair
Cole Bucciaglia – Threnody by an Amateur Oceanographer for His Father the
Sidney Taiko -Bad Star
Peter Tiernan – Carla and the Werewolf
Emily J. Stinson – Cull, ’27 Break
Jacob M. Appel – My Hebrew School
Victoria Young – How To Have a Fake Affair with a Real Celebrity
Guy Choate – Joshua
Shanae Aurora MartinezListening to the Good People: A Review of Margaret
         Noodlin’s Weweni: Poems in Anishinaabemowin and English
Fabrice Poussin -Eluding the Mystery / Home Almost
Susan Turner – Contemplation #1 / Contemplation #2 / Contemplation #3 /
          Contemplation #7 / Lone #3/ Not Alone
Doug Smock – ICBM / this is only a test…