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Kevin Matz – Poem Beginning With
Angela Voras-Hills – Persona
Dan Encarnacion – Blank Man / Projecting Man
Sharon Dolin – Dazzle Anew
Timothy Yu – Chinese Dream 11 / Chinese Dream 12 / Chinese Dream 13
Jenny Sadre-Orafai – Outlines
Benjamin Goldberg – Housesitting Without a Prescription
K.M. English – The Whiteness of the Sink
Jesse Minkert – High Capacity Clip
Farid Matuk – Pantertanter* from Disco to Disco / Tell Me Again / My
       Daughter Ensconced
Ryo Yamaguchi – Commute #1
Chris Holdaway – I Split into Traffic Like Plastic / The Scattered Wet to the
Roberto Harrison – the violation of mathematics
Daniel Borzutzky – Dream Song #423 / Lake Michigan, Scene #40104.2kkd
Andrea Cohen – Spell / Before & After
Lindsay Tigue – Other People’s Wedding Guests
Brian Russell – The Story about the Deer
Jenny Johnson – Gay Marriage Poem
Erin M. Bertram – Excerpt from A Field Guide to the Body in Need (Salt)
Carrie Chappell – noodling / Appeler
Kendra DeColo – Prelude to an Attempt at Autoerotic Asphyxiation / Palmistry
Julia Germaine – Freelance Ethnopharmacology / New Industry / Where
Alexis Pope – from That Which Comes After

Chelsea Werner-Jatzke – Appropriate Finery
Michelle Ross – When the Cottonmouths Come to Feed
Weisheng Renee Mao – If
Liz Prato – The Road to Lila Bankhead’s Farm
Heather Foster – The Baptist
Catherine Hawkins – Bad Romance
Ephraim Scott Sommers – The Poem of Anger: Amiri Baraka, Tory Dent, and Adrian C.
Sean Prentiss – Only to Wilderness
Marilee Robin Burton – My Father’s Penis
Sergio Zaragoza – Maxilla / Maebe A. Girl / Valora Vontease / Lyudmila
Leanne Grabel – The Day My Mother Died
Justin Van Genderen – Gravity / Quantum Mechanics / String Theory /
         Universal Gravitation
Joe McDermott – erode / the tilt
John Cayley – The Listeners