Jessica Ankeny – The Only Species

AM Brant – The Moon Has Come to the Creation Year

Molly Brown – Summer Shirts

Soleil Davíd – Woman Seeking House

María Esquinca – Cosmic Queen

JP Grasser – Big M. & the Squirtin’, Burnin’ Onion Rings

Madeline Grigg – After I Became an Obelisk

Charles Grosel – Stigmata

KA Hays – As after a hatch tadpoles heat the bank

Gilad Jaffe – Landscape Where the Star Pitcher Is Breathing

Stephanie Renae Johnson – Becoming Mother

Maeve Kirk – Groundhum

Arden Levine – The poor thing / The birthday girl

Amelia Martens – Swarms of Grasshoppers Invade Las Vegas

Richard Holt McAdams – Last Thoughts on the Eclipse

Megan Neville – personal sonnet while hail accumulates, no. 6

jj peña – it’s been seven hours since you went missing & threatened to kill yourself &

Lori Propheter – Thaw

Edythe Rodriguez – You’ve Killed, Here’s My Messenger

Mark Smith-Soto – After the Flood

Kelly Weber – inhale

Kathleen Winter – Sweater

Alicia Wright – In My Father’s House There Are Many Houses / Undated Incidents Concerning Occupation

David Xiang – At the same time

Claire Guyton – Harvest

Christine Ma-Kellams – Y.Y.

Aram Mrjoian – Stray

Nina Sudhakar – A Working Theory of Optical Illusions

Yvonne Yevan Yu – Agnes’ Thoughts While Hovering above Heads in Bamboo Garden

Suiko McCall – She Who Delivers Messages, Both Transworldly and Mundane / She Who Knows Her Inner Consort / She Who Sends and Receives (cover art)

Burak Sahin – Asemic Alphabet / Asemic Muses

Smet Vé – 4 sans titre

Julie Yontz Rupp – Full Moon / Copper Sun

Taylor Kirby – The Scopophiliac’s Gift Shop

Nathan Alling Long – Everyone Is Thinking of You

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