Hannah Dow, Poetry Winner – My Mother Tries to Teach Me How to Garden

Aimee Herman, Poetry Runner-up – mountains before mountains were mothers

Janine Certo, Poetry Finalist – Agoraphobia

Sheldon Costa, Fiction Winner – The Pig Queen

Debbie Vance, Fiction Runner-Up – Structural Report

Laura Price Steele, Fiction Finalist – The Beasts Are All Around

Kate Felix, Fiction Finalist – The Witch’s Tooth

Shannon Nakai – God or Gut Instinct

Laura Sobbott Ross – Greenhouses / Incubator

Jennifer Martelli – Confessional Box

Jennie Malboeuf – The Miracle of the Pigs

Angelica Esquivel – Being a Macho

Alonso Llerena – Memorias

Despy Boutris – Things that (Easily) Break / Verecundia

Joseph Johnson – Notes & Local Folklore / There Are So Few People, Et Cetera

Steve Mueske – The Horse

Lisa Mullenneaux – A.M.

Vivian Wagner – Daily Inheritance

Jessica Yuan – Watching Historic Drama

Kip Miller – Somewhere on the Outskirts of Toledo

Robert Campbell – Creature of Marble, Creature of Murk

Carlo André – Reptiles of the American South

Hussain Ahmed – Nomenclature

Jake Bailey – somewhere in the ocean sinks a schizo

Angie Macri – Bedstone

James Davis – Personal

Adam Tavel – Children Sleeping

Xenia Taiga – Snowflakes Bouncing for Gold

Oscar Cuevas – Untitled (Spring)

Casey Bell – Sybil and the Saguaro

Lisa Lanser Rose – A Womb with a Pew

Tara Stillions Whitehead – Not for Syndication

Arthur Kwon Lee – Den of Wolves / Agony & Ecstasy

Nawwar Morelli – W / The Blue-Armored Don Quixote / A Peach

Gerburg Garmann – Fugue in C Minor / Margaritas

Ashley Jablonski – Alien Grandma / Badass Granny

Brett Stout – The Ocean Breeds the Vast Abyss

Karl Zuehlke – Dive