What are the plans for Fall 2021 classes?

April 1, 2021

Plans call for many Fall 2021 classes to be in person, along with a mix of online and hybrid classes — more similar to the mix offered in Fall 2019. UWM believes that the ability to offer in-person classes provides a better learning environment and offers opportunities for meaningful academic and social engagements for students.

The health and safety of the campus community remains a top priority. The university continuously monitors the latest guidance from federal, state and local health departments, and UWM will be ready to pivot as necessary based on public health guidance.

UWM expects in May to make decisions on safety measures that need to be in place in the fall, to allow students, faculty and staff to plan ahead as best as possible during what continues to be a fluid situation. We hope that, by this summer, the majority of our faculty, instructors, advisors, and others working directly with students will be vaccinated.

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