Employee COVID-19 Self-Reporting

Employees must notify UWM when they test positive for COVID-19, experience COVID-19 symptoms or are identified as a close contact of someone who was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Employees are expected to notify their supervisor, who should complete the UWM Employee COVID-19 Case Management Submission Form. If preferred, employees may complete the form themselves. If needed, employees may contact the Human Resources Business Partner/Personnel Representative (HRBP/Prep) who works with their school/college/division, and the HRBP/Prep will complete the form for the employee.

Please note that employees must follow the protocol established by their department for notifying UWM when they can’t report for on-site work. If the employee calls or sends an email outside of normal business hours, the departmental person who receives the information must forward it to HR-COVID19@uwm.edu. Human Resources will then determine the appropriate course of action, and the employee may be asked provide information via the Employee COVID-19 Case Management form.

Questions about completing the UWM Employee COVID-19 Case Management Submission Form, should be sent to COVID19-safety@uwm.edu.

Data Collection and Use

Those using the UWM Employee COVID-19 Case Management Submission Form should provide information about close contacts (defined as being within 6 feet of someone for at least 15 minutes) and recently visited campus locations. This information will be used to determine whether spaces need to be disinfected or others at UWM need to quarantine.​

The information also will also be used to verify that employees meet Centers for Disease Control and Prevention return-to-work criteria.

Confidential Medical Information

Employee medical information is treated confidentially as outlined in federal and state privacy laws. This is true whether employees choose to report to their supervisor, use the Employee COVID-19 Case Management Submission Form or inform their HRBP/Prep. In every case, information will be handled confidentially as required by law.

With that in mind, supervisors must treat information about employees’ positive tests, COVID-19 diagnoses, symptoms and close contacts confidentially. They may only share the information with the HRBP/Prep who works with their school/college/division.

University Safety & Assurances staff will receive only the information they need to initiate cleaning, notify close contacts and determine a return-to-work date.

Supervisors may be contacted by Environmental Services if there are questions about the cleaning and disinfection of work spaces. The electronic workflow tied to the Employee COVID-19 Case Management Submission Form will be used to notify supervisors when cleaning and disinfection has been completed.

De-identified data will be used to monitor COVID-19 case numbers at UWM and to fulfill reporting requirements to public health departments and UW System.

Returning to Work

Employees who test positive for COVID-19​ should not come to campus. Employees will receive instructions about when they may return to work and must contact their supervisor, HRBP/Prep or University Safety & Assurances (depending on their department’s protocol) before they return to campus to ensure return-to-work criteria have been met.

An employee who has had close contact with an infected person does not need to quarantine, regardless of vaccination status, and may continue to report to work (unless they develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19, in which they must isolate). However, employees who had close contact with an infected person must wear a mask for a full 10 days after the last date of contact with the infected person, and they are advised to get tested after at least 5 days from the last instance of close contact with the infected person.