April 4, 2020 Canvas Ready Release Updates

Starting April 4, 2020, Instructure will deploy a set of “Ready Releases” to Canvas. To provide more immediate support for instructors teaching online, Ready Releases introduce new and updated features or adjusted user functionality every week. This is temporary and in-response to COVID-19 so instructors and institutions can receive changes faster than regularly-scheduled monthly updates from Instructure.

Upcoming Changes 

  • Commons: URL Sharing
  • New Analytics: Analytics Chart Tabs
  • User Navigation: Teacher Mobile App Login QR Code

Commons: URL Sharing


Commons resources pages include a button to copy the resource link.

Change Benefit

This change allows instructors to share Commons resources via URL outside of Canvas.

New Analytics: Analytics Chart Tabs


The New Analytics chart viewing options have been changed from drop-down menus to page tabs.

Change Benefit

This change provides easier navigation between analytics data and provides consistency between the Course and Student views.

User Navigation: Teacher Mobile App Login QR Code


Instructor roles can use a QR code to log in to the Canvas Teacher App.

Change Benefit

This change helps instructors more easily log in to the Canvas Teacher App without having to know their Canvas URL.

Additional changes

A number of language changes and bug fixes are also being released in this update. The changes listed here have a significant effect on UWM’s Canvas users

Review the Canvas deploy notes to learn more about these changes. 

Learn more 

To learn more about this Canvas update, and to see how the changes may affect instructors’ and students’ work, refer to the audience-specific release note links.