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Health care is the largest and fastest changing industry in the United States, making up nearly 18% of the national gross domestic product.

To make effective decisions, professionals working in the field must understand basic business principles and tools related to finance, information systems, strategic planning, human resource management and marketing.

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The minor in health care administration gives you strong leadership abilities, including excellent communication and relationship management skills, diplomacy, collaboration and teamwork, adaptability, and the ability to manage change and mentoring.

  • The UWM College of Health Professions & Sciences is Wisconsin’s largest college of health sciences. Our academic and clinical partners represent some of the best health care facilities and medical centers in the country.
  • Our collaborative research and community engagement initiatives allow us to establish a distinguished presence in our region and beyond.

What can you do with a minor in health care administration?

In the field of health care administration, you may be responsible for establishing and implementing the policies and objectives of a specific clinical or administrative department or service within a single facility, or an entire health care organization or system.

A minor in health care administration will prepare you to work in a variety of settings, including:

  • Clinic/medical group practice
  • Hospital/health system
  • Home health/hospice services
  • Residential/long-term care
  • Insurance/managed care
  • Medical supply company
  • Government services
  • University/research institution

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To apply to the minor in health care administration, please email the advisor, Angela Kowalski, at

Prerequisite Criteria

If you want to declare a minor in health care administration, you must have completed a minimum of 45 credits and achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50.


To be awarded the minor in health care administration, you will need to earn a minimum GPA of 2.50 in the 17 credits in the coursework below and must satisfy published prerequisites for all courses.

Required Courses

F, S, SU (fall, spring, summer) refers to semesters in which courses are taught.

HS 102: Healthcare Delivery in the United States
HCA 220: Leading Healthcare Professionals
HS 311: Law and Ethics for Healthcare ProfessionalsS3
HCA 333: Health Organizations Professional Practice StandardsS2
HCA 537: Introduction to Healthcare Databases and TechnologiesF3
HCA 422: Human Resource Management in Healthcare Organizations
Total Credits17